Granite Rose I (Bastok)

Start NPC Hieronymus - Bastok Markets (S) (E-8)
Minimum Rank Key ItemBrass Ribbon of Service ∮∮
Category Defensive
Cost 1 Op Credit
Unit Size 3-6 Members
Star-icon.png Experience Points Allied Notes
1 ~170 ~640
2 Unknown Unknown
3 Unknown Unknown
4 Unknown Unknown
5 ~390 ~1365
Op Tiers   I    II    III  
Related Ops BastokSan d'OriaWindurst


  • Take a party of 3-6 people to Rolanberry Fields (S) Fortilace @ (D-9)
  • The Party leader should be the one taking the mission, as only the leader can click the Fortilace to begin. This will teleport you to Ruhotz Silvermines.
    • There is a 30 Minute time limit.
  • After entering run straight ahead until you see the Republic Garrison NPC who will be fighting with you. Wait with the NPC, and three Quadav Stormers will come to you.
  • The Quadav's jobs are White Mage, Paladin, Dark Knight, or Warrior
  • Once all three Quadav are taken care of, exit the area using the Dawn Aureola.
  • Return to Hieronymus in Bastok Markets (S) to complete the mission.
    • Any combination of 3 mages/melee level 60-65+ should not have a problem trioing this mission.
    • The Quadavs are susceptible to both Lullaby and Sleep. 75BRD 75THF 75BLM made incredibly short work of this.
    • As for doing these missions even though your not on them; everyone in pt receives same xp (my parties average attempts bringing 380xp), Allied Notes are awarded after talking to OP mission giver in town.


Reports indicate that a large battalion of beastmen raiders has been dispatched to Ruhotz Silver-mines. Travel to the mines via the Rolanberry Fields (S) and aid the legionnaires stationed there in defending the location.

Unit Requirement: 3~6 members

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