Allied Tags


Besieged (Status Effect).png Allied Tags is a status effect obtained during Campaign Battles by a Campaign Arbiter. They are only available during an active Campaign and are lost if you change zones.

With an "Allied Tag" issued to you by an area's C.A., you are able to participate in Campaign Battles, purchase temporary items for Allied Notes, and suffer no Experience Points penalty for KO. However, with tags, you cannot earn experience points for individual kills, or loot fallen enemies.

Campaign mobs outside cities will only attack players who are participating in Allied Campaign Battles; they will not attack you if you do not have an Allied Tag (unless you generate Enmity)---regular mobs will still attack you regardless.

How to remove the effect[edit]

  • The effect automatically goes away when the campaign battle ends.
  • Speak with the Campaign Arbiter and ask for a "Performance Evaluation" to remove tags (mid-battle).
  • Changing zones or logging out will also remove this effect.
  • Getting on a chocobo will cancel your Allied Tag.
  • Accepting a Tractor will remove the effect and cause you to lose any EXP and Allied Notes that you have earned under the current effect.

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