Bridge Too Far I (San d'Oria)

Start NPC Rasdinice - Southern San d'Oria (S) (I-9)
Minimum Rank Key ItemAllied Ribbon of Glory ∮∮∮∮
Category Supply Transport
Cost 1 Op Credit
Unit Size 1 Member
Star-icon.png Experience Points Allied Notes
1 Unknown Unknown
2 Unknown Unknown
3 126 406
4 Unknown Unknown
5 252 806
Replenishes zone's Resources.
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  • Gain your mission from Rasdinice.
  • Speak to Dilgeur at (J-9) in Southern San d'Oria (S).
    • He states the current Intelligence data: Weather and Beastmen force-size in regions
    • He will ask you to plan a supply convoy: Area to supply, supply quantity, convoy route, escort size, and convoy actions if engaged by enemy forces.
    • He states, "What is it? As planner of the strategy to be employed, it is imperative you travel to the stronghold in question to observe events."
  • Wait one game day and travel to the area you designated.
    • Recommend not activating this mission until after 22:00 game time; since you cannot determine the outcome until after 00:00 game time.
  • Speak to the Campaign Arbiter for a cutscene on how well your suggested plan worked.
    • Note: If your convoy is destroyed and no supplies make it to the outpost, you will get 0 experience points and the mission will be counted as a fail.
      • If only a part of the supplies make it to the outpost, because of accidents or beastmen attacks, the amount of experience points and Allied Notes will be reduced.
  • Report back to Rasdinice to complete the mission.

Game Description[edit]


Safe and efficient transport of supplies has become a high priority to maintain the frontlines. Proceed to (J-9) and assist Dilgeur in devising a sound plan of transport.

Unit Requirement:

1 member
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