Prying Eyes I (Windurst)

Start NPC Emhi Tchaoryo - Windurst Waters (S) (H-9)
Minimum Rank Key ItemBrass Wings of Service ∮
Category Intel Gathering
Cost 1 Op Credit
Unit Size 1 Member
Star-icon.png Experience Points Allied Notes
1 407~426 1085~1145
2 ~457 ~1220
3 490~514 1306~1371
4 ~567 ~1512
5 575-581 1533-1549
Increase Nation's Reconnaissance.
Op Tiers   I    II  
Related Ops BastokSan d'OriaWindurst
Map 3
Map 6


  • Gain your mission from Emhi Tchaoryo.
  • Head to Castle Oztroja (S) and make your way to to the 2nd Floor.
  • Examine the ??? at the turret at G-9 on Map 3 to gather the enemy weapons Intel.
  • Examine the ??? at the small supply room at H-7 on Map 6 to gather the enemy supplies Intel.
    • Note: There are two Yagudo Flagellant mobs around this ??? that move often. It is possible to check the ??? without aggro with a little patience.
  • Report back to Emhi Tchaoryo to complete the mission.


  • You can not collect Intel while under the effect of Invisible.
  • Exp reward received when second Intel obtained.


The war planning division is in need of accurate details of beastman camps in order to devise the next large offensive. Infiltrate Castle Oztroja with the Cobra Unit and obtain intel regarding both defensive capabilities and weapon stores.

Unit Requirement: 1 member

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