Bailey Borer (Windurst)

Start NPC Emhi Tchaoryo - Windurst Waters (S) (H-9)
Minimum Rank Information Needed
Category Intel Gathering
Cost 1 Op Credit
Unit Size 1 Member
Star-icon.png Experience Points Allied Notes
1 ~552 ~1407
2 ~654 ~1666
3 673-709 1715-1806
4 723-756 1841-1925
5 ??? ???
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  • Travel to (F-7) or (F-9) of Castle Zvahl Baileys (S).
  • Attack the Zvahl Fortalice located at the top of the stairs in either location. It won't fight back or spawn any monsters.
  • The mission is complete when the Fortalice is defeated. You will receive the EXP reward immediately.
  • Speak with Emhi Tchaoryo to complete the Op and receive your Allied Notes.


  • There are a number of truesight mobs on the way to Castle Zvahl Baileys (S), as well as mobs that aggro to both sight and sound.
  • No monsters seemed to get close enough to the Zvahl Fortalice to cause any problems. (Except the Elementals on the first 2 Zvahl Fortalices, if you use magic)
    • The Demon Justiciar in the hallway before the F-9 Fortalice on the first map does move close enough to sight aggro anyone meleeing on the structure.
  • Caution Advised as the nearby Demons may occasionally aggro!


Allied scholars have determined that an unseen barrier is preventing direct damage to the walls of Castle Zvahl, greatly impeding our siege effort. Join the mercenaries of the Cobra Unit to seek out and eliminate the source of the obstruction.

Unit Requirement: 1

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