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Windurst Waters (S)

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Windurst Waters [S]
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Ffxi gld 01.gif
Region The Sarutabaruta Front
Expansion Wings of the Goddess
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "Stargazing"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

A massive offensive during the Crystal War by the Yagudo left Windurst in ruins, Windurst Walls was submerged and Port Windurst was decimated, leaving only a section of Windurst Waters for operational use. It was from here on the huntsman's court outside the Optistery that the Windurstian forces rallied and drove back the Beastmen.

Windurst Waters S cover.jpg

West Sarutabaruta [S] at (F-4)
Home Point #1: (G-7)

Involved in Quests/Missions[edit]

Quest Type Starter Location
A Feast for Gnats Storyline Robel-Akbel    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
A Manifest Problem Storyline Rotih Moalghett    Fort Karugo-Narugo [S] I-8 inside
Healing Herbs General N. Rhinostery Door    Windurst Waters [S] J-8 South
Howl from the Heavens Storyline Robel-Akbel    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
Knot Quite There Storyline Acolyte Hostel Door    Windurst Waters [S] K-5 North
Redeeming Rocks General Kocco Ehllek    Windurst Waters [S] H-8 South
Say It with a Handbag General Hampu-Kampu    Windurst Waters [S] J-8 South
Sins of the Mothers Storyline Lehko Habhoka    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
Snake on the Plains Campaign Sign-up Miah Riyuh    Windurst Waters [S] H-9 North
The Dawn of Delectability General Ranpi-Monpi (S)    Windurst Waters [S] E-9 North
The Forbidden Path Storyline Lehko Habhoka    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
The Lost Book Spell S. Rhinostery Door    Windurst Waters [S] J-9 South
The Long March North Storyline Robel-Akbel    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
The Tigress Stirs Storyline Dhea Prandoleh    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
The Tigress Strikes Storyline Dhea Prandoleh    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
The Young and the Threadless General Ponono    Windurst Waters [S] K-11 North
When One Man Is Not Enough Storyline Dhea Prandoleh    Windurst Waters [S] H-10 North
Mission Nation Starter Location
Back to the Beginning WotG ---    ---

Other Information[edit]

Fish Cap Body of Water
7 Canals
Moat Carp
Gold Carp
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar

Fishing Maps
Information Needed

NPCs Found Here[edit]

Name Location Type
Adjutant North (F-9)
Aihn Sowlmirih North (F-8)
Ajen-Myoojen North (G-5)
Amfafa South (I-8)
Ampiro-Mapiro North (K-6)
Aystise North (F-9)
Cattah Pamjah North (G-10) Title Changer
Chays-Ratays South (I-8)
Chioh Remhrll North (F-9)
Churacoco North (F-10)
Corbrere North (F-9)
Dallus-Mallus North (G-10) Campaign Intel Advisor
Dhea Prandoleh North (H-10)
Eih Lhogotan North (G-8)
Ekki-Mokki North (G-9)
Emhi Tchaoryo North (H-9) Campaign Ops Overseer
Ezura-Romazura South (H-8) Standard Merchant
Gevarg North (F-5) Past Event Watcher
Khea Mhyyih North (F-9)
Kleh Engyumoh North (F-9)
Kolin-Olin North (H-9)
Kocco Ehllek South (H-8) Quest Giver
Kopol-Rapol North (K-6)
Koton-Llaton South (K-8)
Kuron-Makaron North (H-10) Morale Manager
Kristen North (H-9)
Llewellyn North (G-9) Campaign Evaluator
Lutete North (L-10)
Mearuru North (K-6)
Miah Riyuh North (H-9)
Mikhe Aryohcha North (F-10)
Mindala-Andola, C.C. North (G-5) Sigil Giver
Mhoti Pyiahrs North (H-10) Changes Allegiance
Narito-Pettito North (F-8)
Name Location Type
Nhel Urhahn North (F-9)
Ozzmo-Mazmo North (F-8)
Pahpe Rauulih North (G-9)
Parukoko South (I-6)
Pebul-Tabul North (F-10)
Pelftrix North (K-11) Standard Merchant
Pelsey-Holsey North (K-5)
Pettette North (L-11)
Pihra Rhebenslo North (L-11) Armor Storer
Pogigi (G-9) Sealed Container Collector
Ponono North (K-11)
Prucco-Lurucco North (K-7)
Quartermaster North (F-9)
Ragyaya North (E-9)
Rakh Mhappyoh North (F-9)
Rakih Lyhall North (F-9)
Ranpi-Monpi North (E-9)
Ranna-Brunna North (K-5)
Ransnana North (G-7)
Renten-Tonten North (K-6)
Rohn Ehlbalna North (F-9)
Romaa Mihgo North (G-11)
Ruirara South (G-8)
Sahnn Dhansett North (J-9)
Scotwick North (K-10) Allied Notes Notorious Monsters
Soimin-Oimin, C.C. North (F-5) Steel Resolve Campaign Op; Retrace
Tahl Mhioguch North (F-8)
Tohs Jhannih North (F-8)
Upital-Lupital North (F-7)
Uricca-Koricca North (E-9)
Wenonah, C.A. North (G-10) Campaign Arbiter
Yasmina North (G-5) Chocobo Renter
Yassi-Possi North (K-11) Item Deliverer
Velda-Galda North (K-9) Mission NPC

Event Monsters Found Here[edit]

Campaign: Federal Forces of Windurst, Yagudo Theomilitary, Dark Kindred


  • Area is a possible target for Campaign if Windurst loses control of all other areas to the Beastman Confederate.
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