Brass Ribbon of Service

Brass Ribbon of Service.png
Brass Ribbon of Service ∮∮
A tiny brass medal attached to a
red and white ribbon. Awarded for
service on the campaign battlefield.
Successful completion of one Campaign evaluation. Also requires 3,000 Allied Notes gained from Campaign Battles and/or Operations.

If no evaluation is completed within 30 days, or if you fail the examinations you take, the medal will disappear in 30 days and you will have to get a new one via a new examination.

Next medal = Allied Ribbon of Bravery

See Medals for all the possible decorations obtainable from Campaign Battles.

Campaign Ops[edit]

This rank grants access to the following Campaign Ops.

Category Operation Nation Medal Needed Members Notes XP
Resource procurement

Materiel Storm I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 580 140
Supply transport

Crimson Domino I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 600 150

Delta Strike I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 620 160
Magna Cache I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 ??? ???
Supply manufacture

Iron Anvil I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 580 140
Offensive operations

Pit Spider I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 3-6 640 170
Defensive operations

Granite Rose I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 3-6 640 170
Intel gathering

Slaughterhouse I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 580 140
Deep Cover I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 1 600 150
Military training

Cut and Cauterize I BSW Ribbon∮∮ 3-6 ??? ???
B = Bastok; S = San d'Oria; W = Windurst
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