Lessens chance of being detected by sound.


Spell cost: 12 MP
Spell element: Wind
Magic skill: Enhancing Magic


Casting Time: 2 seconds
Recast Time: 10 seconds

Other Uses[edit]

Resale Price: 492~512 gil

How to Obtain[edit]

Auction House Category: Scrolls > White Magic ( )


Price: 2,400 gil
Name Location Type
Falgima Selbina (H-9) Standard Merchant
Tya Padolih Mhaura (G-9) Standard Merchant

Dropped By[edit]

Name Level Zone
Yagudo Acolyte 1-8 East Sarutabaruta
3-10 Giddeus
4-8 West Sarutabaruta
Amethyst Quadav 3-10 Palborough Mines
3-8 South Gustaberg
Hoo Mjuu the Torrent (NM) 16-17 Giddeus
Goblin Leecher 20-23 Inner Horutoto Ruins
21-23 King Ranperre's Tomb
21-23 North Gustaberg
21-23 Dangruf Wadi
21-25 Meriphataud Mountains
21-25 Jugner Forest
21-25 Pashhow Marshlands
22-25 Valkurm Dunes
22-25 Buburimu Peninsula
22-26 Ordelle's Caves
22-26 Maze of Shakhrami
25-29 Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
26-30 Sauromugue Champaign
26-30 Ranguemont Pass
26-30 Batallia Downs
26-30 Rolanberry Fields
27-30 Lower Delkfutt's Tower
Yagudo Priest 26-30 Sauromugue Champaign
22-28 Giddeus
24-28 Castle Oztroja
21-25 Meriphataud Mountains
Ge'Dha Evileye (NM) 30 Beadeaux
Garnet Quadav 30-36 Rolanberry Fields
35-39 Beadeaux
Hobgoblin Physician 76-78 Bibiki Bay


Name Level Cap Zone
Wings of Fury (Level 20, 15 minutes, 3 members) Ghelsba Outpost


  • The base duration of this spell is ~10 minutes.
    • Wearing Skulker's Cape increases the duration of Sneak spells you cast on yourself by a certain percentage.
    • Sneak is compatible with Composure, tripling the duration of Sneak spells you cast on yourself.
  • When 20-30 seconds remain until Sneak wears off, warning messages will start to be displayed in the chat log every 10 seconds. Typically, the effect will disappear within 10 seconds after the third warning is displayed.
  • A player under the effect of Sneak will not emit any footstep noises.
  • Sneak drops if you attack an enemy or are attacked. If you are hit by an AoE effect that was not targeting you, Sneak status will remain.
  • Sneak drops upon opening a chest or coffer.
  • The Sneak effect cannot be overwritten or renewed by another Sneak spell. The effect must wear off (either manually or by time expiration) before Sneak can be applied again.
  • As with most Enhancing Magic, the duration of this spell is proportionally shortened when cast on a character under the spell's level. For instance, Sneak will only last half as long when cast on a level 10 character.
  • When combined with a Scholar's Accession stratagem, this spell can give the Sneak effect to the entire party.
  • Ineffective against mobs with True Hearing.

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