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Zone Information
Area Name Selbina
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None

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Region Zulkheim
Expansion Original
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "Selbina"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

Selbina was once a prosperous town that acted as a strategic port for the navy of Mindartia and a waypoint for travelers. But with the resurgence in the popularity of air travel, the town is slowly returning its focus to the local industry of fishing and stock farming.

Valkurm Dunes: H-6

Ship bound for Mhaura: H-10 (to Mhaura)

After completing Researchers from the West - Ru'Lude Gardens, Mhaura, Rabao, Norg: via Proto-Waypoint G-10

After completing Middle Lands Investigation - West Ronfaure, North Gustaberg, West Sarutabaruta, La Theine Plateau, Konschtat Highlands, Tahrongi Canyon, Jugner Forest, Pashhow Marshlands, Meriphataud Mountains, Attohwa Chasm, Uleguerand Range: via Proto-Waypoint G-10

After completing Further Founts - Davoi, Beadeaux, Castle Oztroja, Quicksand Caves, Sea Serpent Grotto, Temple of Uggalepih, Boyahda Tree, Oldton Movalpolos, Riverne - Site B01, Castle Zvahl Keep: via Proto-Waypoint G-10

Home Point #1: (I-8)

Involved in Quests/Missions[edit]

Quest Type Starter Location
An Explorer's Footsteps Map Abelard    Selbina H-9
Cargo General Vuntar    Selbina H-9
Donate to Recycling General Romeo    Selbina H-9
Elder Memories Subjob Isacio    Selbina G-10
Expertise General Take    Mhaura I-8
His Name is Valgeir Map Take    Mhaura I-8
Inside the Belly General Zaldon    Selbina H-9
It's Raining Mannequins General Fyi Chalmwoh    Mhaura G-8
Only the Best General Melyon    Selbina I-9
Picture Perfect Fellow Diederik    Selbina G-10
Pirate's Chart (Quest) General Zaldon    Selbina H-9
Researchers from the West General Anastase    Ru'Lude Gardens G-9
Signed in Blood General Sobane    Southern San d'Oria D-6
Test My Mettle General Devean    Selbina I-9
The Basics General Rycharde    Mhaura I-8
The Gift General Oswald    Selbina I-9
The Real Gift General Oswald    Selbina I-9
The Rescue Map Thunder Hawk    Selbina G-9
Under the Sea General Oswald    Selbina I-9
Mission Nation Starter Location
More Questions Than Answers Promathia 6-3 ---    ---

Other Information[edit]

Fish Cap Body of Water
Cobalt Jellyfish 5 Sea
Bastore Sardine 10
Greedie 14
Quus 19
Fat Greedie 23
Nebimonite 27
Zafmlug Bass 43
Rusty Bucket 0
Rusty Leggings 0
Rusty Subligar 0
1 gil 0
100 gil 0

Fishing Maps
Information Needed

NPCs Found Here[edit]

Name Location Type
Abelard (G - 9)
Aleria (I - 10) Adventurer's Assistant
Baa (I - 9)
Battal (H - 8) Event Scene Replayer
Boris (J - 9) Item Deliverer
Bretta (I - 10) Adventurer's Assistant
Catus (I - 10)
Chenon (H - 9) Fish Ranking NPC
Chutarmire (H - 9) Standard Merchant
Devean (I - 8)
Diederik (G - 10)
Dohdjuma (G - 10) Standard Merchant
Elfriede (J - 9)
Explorer Moogle (H - 7) Event NPC
Falgima (H - 9) Standard Merchant
Flandiace (I - 7) Adventurer's Assistant
Gabwaleid (H - 9)
Gibol (H - 9) Guild Merchant
Graegham (H - 9) Guild Merchant
Herminia (I - 9) Standard Merchant
Humilitie (H - 10) Adventurer's Assistant
Isacio (G - 10)
Jillia (G - 10) Waypoint Overseer
Jimaida (H - 9)
Lombaria (I - 7) Map Dealer
Lucia (I - 10)
Manfried (G - 9)
Mathilde (H - 9)
Mee (I - 9)
Meldivon (F - 9)
Name Location Type
Melyon (I - 9)
Mendoline (H - 9) Guild Merchant
Moreche (H - 8)
Naillina (F - 9) Adventurer's Assistant
Nomad Moogle (J - 9)
Oleg (H - 10)
Orithyia (J - 9)
Oswald (I - 9)
Pascaut (I - 9)
Pomulus (H - 8)
Quelpia (H - 9) Standard Merchant
Raging Tiger (I - 10)
Ramona (H - 9)
Romeo (H - 9)
Sleeping Lizard (I - 10)
Thunder Hawk (G - 9)
Tilala (H - 9) Guild Merchant
Torapiont (J - 9) Standard Merchant
Valgeir (I - 9)
Velema (I - 9)
Vobo (I - 7)
Vuntar (H - 9)
Wachiwi (H - 9) Weather Checker
Wenzel (I - 7) Item Deliverer
Yaya (H - 9)
Yulon-Polon (I - 9) Title Changer
Zaldon (H - 9)

Selbina Architecture[edit]

Valkurm DunesSea Travel AgencyShepherd's Muster ForecourtShepherd's MusterMain Gate AreaUpper WalkwayWeaver's GuildFishermen's GuildSelbina QuaysideMayor's Residence (Selbina)Selbina.png
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