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Home Points are locations that a KO'd character returns to if he or she is not Raised.

It is also the name applied to large, glowing blue crystals spread throughout Vana'diel. Players may set their individual Home Points at these crystals. Characters may only have one set Home Point at any given time. Examining these crystals also sets them up as permanent teleport destinations when examining other Home Point crystals.

Home Points may also be set at the location of any Outpost or Border Guard outside of a town/city, as well as any Mog House exit (with the sole exception of Al Zahbi). To set a Mog House exit as the Home Point, simply change your Main Job inside your Mog House (you may change it back to its previous job if you wish) and upon exiting, confirm to set your Home Point at that location.

The process of returning to one's Home Point after being KO'd is commonly referred to as "HPing". It is not to be confused with other terms that HP can represent.

Returning to home point results in no Experience Points recovered from being KO'd (if EXP loss was incurred), but it the character is revived with full Hit Points and no Weakness.

It is possible to return to your Home Point without being KO'd via the magic effect Warp. This effect can be gained in a number of ways, including the following:

If a means of Warp is not available, some players may elect to intentionally let their characters be KO'd as a means of quick transit to their Home Point. This process is commonly referred to as Blood Warping. The EXP lost in this particular process can be averted by spending the Ninja 2 hour ability: Mijin Gakure, which kills you, but does not net any EXP loss.

As of Dec. 10, 2013, you can now warp to any Home Point as long as you have examined it since the update.

Note: Map Markers now mark the new numbered Home Points on town maps where applicable as well.

A checklist for homepoints can be found at Home points Checklist

List of current Home Point crystals as of October 1, 2015

San d'Oria[edit]

  • Southern San d'Oria
    • Home Point #1 (E). G-10
    • Home Point #2 (A). J-9
    • Home Point #3 (M). M-5
    • Home Point #4. E-8
  • Northern San d'Oria
    • Home Point #1 (E). E-8
    • Home Point #2. J-7
    • Home Point #3 (M). K-9
    • Home Point #4 F-5
  • Port San d'Oria
    • Home Point #1. G-9
    • Home Point #2 (M). J-9
    • Home Point #3 (A). H-10


  • Bastok Mines
    • Home Point #1 (A). I-8
    • Home Point #2 (M). K-8
    • Home Point #3. K-7
  • Bastok Markets
    • Home Point #1 (E). F-9
    • Home Point #2 (A). E-7
    • Home Point #3 (M). I-6
    • Home Point #4. I-8
  • Port Bastok
    • Home Point #1 (E). J-7
    • Home Point #2 (M). J-13
    • Home Point #3. E-6


  • Windurst Waters
    • Home Point #1 (E). G-7 (North)
    • Home Point #2 (M). K-11 (North)
    • Home Point #3 J-8. (South)
    • Home Point #4 E-9. (North)
  • Windurst Walls
    • Home Point #1. F-7
    • Home Point #2 (M). C-12
    • Home Point #3 (A). I-11
  • Port Windurst
    • Home Point #1. C-7
    • Home Point #2 (E). B-4 (Shiva's Gate)
    • Home Point #3 (M). L-4
  • Windurst Woods
    • Home Point #1. H-9
    • Home Point #2 (E). K-10
    • Home Point #3 (M). F-7
    • Home Point #4 (A). J-12
    • Home Point #5. G-13


  • Ru'Lude Gardens
    • Home Point #1. H-8
    • Home Point #2 (M). I-9
    • Home Point #3 (A). F-9
  • Lower Jeuno
    • Home Point #1 (E). G-11
    • Home Point #2 (M). I-5
  • Port Jeuno
    • Home Point #1 (E). J-8
    • Home Point #2 (M). F-8


Western Aht Urhgan[edit]

  • Aht Urhgan Whitegate
    • Home Point #1. H-9
    • Home Point #2. L-9
    • Home Point #3 (A). F-6
    • Home Point #4 (M). F-10

The Adoulin Islands[edit]









  • Uleguerand Range
    • Home Point #1. H-7 (Entrance/Exit From Bearclaw Pinnacle. path starting at H-8 blocked by ice sheet during Ice icon.JPG and Ice icon.JPGIce icon.JPG weather)
    • Home Point #2. J-9 (Entrance/Exit from Bearclaw Pinnacle. Drop through hole at J-9)
    • Home Point #3. K-7 (Entrance/Exit from Bearclaw Pinnacle. Drop Through hole at K-6)
    • Home Point #4. H-5 (Entrance/Exit from Bearclaw Pinnacle. Drop through hole at I-5)
    • Home Point #5. G-9 (Entrance/Exit from Bearclaw Pinnacle. fall down mountain on the Southern slope taking path marked in white on wiki map)




  • Rabao
    • Home Point #1. F-10
    • Home Point #2. G-6


Elshimo Lowlands[edit]

  • Norg
    • Home Point #1. H-9
    • Home Point #2 (A). G-7

Elshimo Uplands[edit]


  • Ru'Aun Gardens
    • Home Point #1. H-4 (Entrance to A.A. HM)
    • Home Point #2. E-7 (Entrance to A.A. MR)
    • Home Point #3. F-10 (Entrance to A.A. TT)
    • Home Point #4. K-7 (Entrance to A.A. EV)
    • Home Point #5. J-10 (Entrance to A.A GK)


Tavnazian Archipelago[edit]


  • Al'Taieu
    • Home Point #1. H-4
    • Home Point #2. E-6
    • Home Point #3. L-6


Arrapago Islands[edit]

The Ronfaure Front[edit]

The Gustaberg Front[edit]

The Sarutabaruta Front[edit]

The Valdeaunia Front[edit]

Eastern Ulbuka[edit]

  • Yorcia Weald
    • Home Point #1. E-9 (Entrance to Wildskeeper Reive)


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