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Bastok Mines

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Bastok Mines
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Ffxi gld 01.gif
Region Bastok
Expansion None
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "The Republic of Bastok"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

While no active mining is actually done in Bastok Mines anymore, it does still provide access to Zeruhn Mines which still has active mining areas. While the Mines district is home to a variety of stores, some of which cater to the miners, the district is also home to the Alchemists' Guild and the southern Auction House. Adventurers should also note that the Mines district is home to the Bastok Chocobo stables.

Bastok Markets: F-5

South Gustaberg: H-10

Zeruhn Mines: D-7

Dynamis - Bastok: K-8 via Trail Markings

Chocobo Circuit: J-9

Home Point #1: (I-8)
Home Point #2: (K-8)
Home Point #3: (K-6)

Involved in Quests/Missions[edit]

Quest Type Starter Location
A Chocobo Riding Game (Bastok) Delivery Azette, Quelle, or Eulaphe    Metalworks J-9
A Question of Faith General Ayame    Metalworks K-7
Altana's Sorrow Spell Scoll Virnage    Bastok Mines I-5
Blade of Darkness Job: Dark Knight Gumbah    Bastok Mines J-7
Blade of Death General Gumbah    Bastok Mines J-7
Chameleon Capers Fellow Luto Mewrilah    Upper Jeuno G-8
Drachenfall General Black Mud    Bastok Mines I-6
The Eleventh's Hour General Elki    Bastok Mines H-5
Fallen Comrades General Pavvke    Bastok Mines I-7
Groceries General Tami    Bastok Mines J-8
Hearts of Mythril General Elki    Bastok Mines H-5
Inheritance Weaponskill Gumbah    Bastok Mines J-7
Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok) General Alib-Mufalib    Port Bastok K-7
Minesweeper General Gerbaum    Bastok Mines F-8
Rivals General Detzo    Bastok Mines I-6
Stamp Hunt General Arawn    Bastok Markets J-10
The Siren's Tear General Wahid    Bastok Mines I-8
The Doorman WAR AF1 Phara    Bastok Mines J-9
The Talekeeper's Gift WAR AF3 Deidogg    Bastok Mines H-6
The Talekeeper's Truth WAR AF2 Deidogg    Bastok Mines H-6
Vengeful Wrath General Goraow    Bastok Mines I-6
Mission Nation Starter Location
To the Forsaken Mines Bastok 3-2 Bastok Gate Guard    Bastok
Return of the Talekeeper Bastok 6-1 Bastok Gate Guard    Bastok
On My Way Bastok 7-2 Bastok Gate Guard    Bastok
That Which Curdles Blood A Shantotto Ascension --    --

Other Information[edit]

Fish Cap Body of Water
7 Pool
Copper Frog
Tricolored Carp
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar
Rusty Bucket
Copper Ring
1 Gil

Fishing Maps

NPCs Found Here[edit]

Name Location Type
Abd-al-Raziq (L - 7) Guild Master
Amar (F - 6)
Arva (J - 8) Adventurer's Assistant
Aulavia (G - 7) Regional Merchant
Azette (J - 9) Chocobo Renter
Azima (L - 6) Recipe Giver
Babenn (J - 6) Quest NPC
Black Mud (I - 6) Quest Giver
Boytz (H - 7) Merchant
Christina (I - 9) Special Event Coordinator
Conrad (K - 8) Outpost Teleporter
Crying Wind, I.M. (H - 10) Conquest Overseer
Bastok: National Guard
Davyad (K - 6) Mission NPC
Deadly Spider (G - 8) Quest NPC
Deegis (H - 6) Merchant
Deidogg (H - 6) Quest Giver
Detzo (I - 6) Quest Giver
Drangord (D - 7)
Dry Bone (G - 7) Adventurer's Assistant
Echo Hawk (I - 7)
Elki (H - 5) Quest Giver
Emaliveulaux (G - 6) Regional Merchant
Eulaphe (J - 9) Chocobo Renter
Explorer Moogle (K - 8) Event NPC
Faustin (J - 9) Regional Merchant
Galdeo (E - 6) Regional Merchant:Li'Telor
Gawful (H - 8) Item Deliverer
Gelzerio (H - 7) Merchant
Gerbaum (F - 8) Quest Giver
Goraow (I - 6) Quest Giver
Gorvik (I - 9) Past Event Watcher
Gray Wolf (H - 7)
Gregory (J - 9) ENM Information
Griselda (H - 5) Merchant
Name Location Type
Gumbah (J - 7) Quest Giver
Hemewmew (K - 7) Guildworker's Union Representative
Hound Nose (H - 8) Auction Manager
Leonie (K - 9) Room Renters
Mariadok (I - 9) Weather Checker
Maymunah (K - 7) Guild Merchant: Alchemy
Medicine Eagle (H - 6) Mission NPC
Mille (G - 6) Regional Merchant
Mydon (E - 7)
Nangst (G - 6)
Neigepance (J - 9) Merchant
Odoba (K - 7) Guild Merchant: Alchemy
Parraggoh (H - 5) Quest NPC
Pavvke (I - 7) Quest Giver
Phara (J - 9) Quest Giver
Proud Beard (K - 8) Merchant (Hume and Galka starting armor)
Quelle (I - 9) Chocobo Renter
Ranpi-Pappi (H - 5)
Rashid (H - 10) Mission Giver
Rodellieux (H - 7) Regional Merchant: Fauregandi
Roh Latteh (H - 7) Quest NPC
Sieglinde (K - 7) Recipe Giver
Sodragamm (H - 8) Item Deliverer
Tall Mountain (J - 7) Quest NPC
Tami (J - 8) Quest Giver
Tibelda (E - 6) Regional Merchant
Titus (L - 7) Recipe Giver
Vaghron (H - 9) Adventurer's Assistant
Valeri (J - 8)
Virnage (I - 5) Quest Giver
Wahid (I - 8) Quest Giver
Wobke (I - 9) Quest NPC
Wyvern Tail (H - 10)
Zemedars (H - 6) Merchant
Zopago (I - 9) VCS Chocobo Trainer
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