Mijin Gakure

Job Ability[edit]

  • Sacrifices user's life to deal damage to an enemy.
  • Obtained: Ninja Level 1
  • Recast Time: 1:00:00
  • Duration: Instant


This is a secret ninja art by which one traps their own body with explosives and gives their life to do a great amount of damage to the enemy. It is a last resort used to protect information, allow your allies to escape, or simply when you are left with no other recourse.

  • Mijin Gakure is a Ninja's One Hour Ability.
  • Inflicts instantaneous damage to a single enemy, similar in nature to Eagle Eye Shot. The damage dealt by this ability is non-elemental magic-based, and therefore cannot miss, but is subject to resistance instead. Damage is based on the user's current HP. In general, the higher the user's current HP, the more damage that is dealt.
  • Any player that uses this ability will immediately be K.O.'d; however no Experience Points will be lost.
  • Upon raising after using this ability, the player will not be in a weakened state and will have 50% of their maximum HP.
  • Correct use in party situations is debatable. Greater HP will result in a more damaging attack, at the expense of half the Ninja's HP (plus 150MP of the mage's MP, if the Ninja does not have Reraise). In general, this ability is not used in party situations unless the Ninja's K.O. is imminent anyway, or unless the attack will inflict enough damage to defeat the target.
  • Can be used as a way to get rid of weakness. If Mijin Gakure is used with the Reraise status effect on, or Raise is cast upon the character, the weakness will be gone after accepting the revival.
  • Killing a monster with Mijin Gakure in Abyssea will create Pearlescent light for the surviving members of the party. The ninja will not gain the light.

Macro Syntax[edit]

  • /ja "Mijin Gakure" <t>
  • Since Mijin Gakure is a one hour special, and especially so because it K.O.'s you upon use, some people prefer not to make a macro for it to prevent unintentional activation.

Equipment that enhance this ability[edit]

Item Enhancement
Reacton Arm Unknown
Nagi New Effect after July 2009 update.

Monsters using Mijin Gakure[edit]

  • The damage Mijin Gakure causes when used by monsters becomes Area of Effect instead of single-target. The damage caused on each target is not reduced by hitting multiple targets, like it is for most AoE magic.
  • Similar to enemies using Astral Flow, the damage inflicted can be quite severe. Usually it is recommended to try to damage enemies that use Mijin Gakure as quickly as possible. Damage done by Mijin Gakure is still based on the user's current HP, so an enemy with low HP will not be able to inflict as much damage with it.
  • However, it is not a certainty that the damage dealt will be lower with low HP. For example, Sozu Sarberry can inflict well over 1000 points of damage with around 30% of HP remaining while it may just as well deal 300 points of damage with around 60%.
  • Monsters that use Mijin Gakure do not fall in battle (some have the animation of falling down they will usually get up after a moment) and will continue to fight until defeated normally. Sometimes they will lose 1/2 their remaining HP using Mijin Gakure, but this is not always the case.


Mijin Gakure (微塵がくれ) literally translates as "speck is me". Specifically, it means to be blown up into tiny pieces.

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