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Western Adoulin

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Western Adoulin
Type City
Map Acquisition Pioneer Registration
Miscellaneous None

Ffxi gld 01.gif

Region The Adoulin Islands
Expansion Seekers of Adoulin
Requirements Key ItemAdoulinian charter permit
Restrictions None
Background music "The Pioneers"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

Western Adoulin serves as the home base for the Sacred City of Adoulin's pioneering plans and, as the entranceway to the city, is also a hub for adventurers who were afforded safe passage to assist in the city's long-term settlement project. More than just a mere facade, this section of the city is brimming with activity, from townsfolk going about their daily sundries to a variety of facilities specially tailored for would-be pioneers.

Western Adoulin.png

Eastern Adoulin : (M-8/9)
Ceizak Battlegrounds : (C-9)
Rala Waterways : (F-5), (I-12), (K-8)
Home Point #1: (E-9)

Involved in Quests/Missions[edit]

Quest Type Starter Location
A Certain Substitute Patrolman General Rising Solstice    Western Adoulin D-9
A Pioneer's Best (Imaginary) Friend General Merleg    Western Adoulin H-11
Dances with Luopans Job Sylvie    Western Adoulin I-5
Exotic Delicacies General Flapano    Western Adoulin I-8
Hunger Strikes General Westerly Breeze    Western Adoulin I-5
No Laughing Matter General Peladi Shalmohr    Western Adoulin G-10
Raptor Rapture General Pagnelle    Western Adoulin G-10
Scaredy-Cats General Eamonn    Western Adoulin E-8
The Old Man and the Harpoon General Jorin    Western Adoulin J-4
The Starving General Westerly Breeze    Western Adoulin I-5
Western Waypoints, Ho! General Alienor    Western Adoulin E-8
Flowers for Svenja General Door: Svenja's Manor    Western Adoulin I-8
Mission Nation Starter Location
Fish Cap Body of Water
Cobalt Jellyfish
10 All
Senroh Sardine

Adoulinian Kelp
Rusty Bucket
1 Gil

NPCs Found Here[edit]

Name Location Type
Alienor (D - 8) Quest Giver
Ansegusele (I - 11) Standard Merchant
Berstrogus (E - 9) NPC
Brenton (E - 8) Mission Starter
Charutata (G - 10) NPC
Coltrone Roams NPC
Clautaire (I - 12) NPC
Dangueubert (H - 11) NPC
Debadle-Levadle (H - 8) Title Changer
Defliaa (I - 11) Standard Merchant
Eamonn (E - 8) Quest Giver
Eukalline (H/I - 5) Standard Merchant
Flapano (I - 8) Quest Giver
Fleuricette (D - 8) NPC
Forri-Porri (I - 10) Weapons
Gehlvik (D - 9) Minstrel
Gontrain (H - 12) NPC
Gorad (H - 11) NPC
Heemo-Weemo (J-10) Armor Augmenter
Hujette (H - 9) Standard Merchant
Ishvad (I - 5) Standard Merchant
Jorin (J - 4) Quest Giver
Kanil (K - 8) Standard Merchant
Ledericus (H - 5) Standard Merchant
Macera (I - 11) Armor Depository
Marjoirelle (G - 6) NPC
Mastan (F - 9) NPC
Merleg (H - 11) Quest Giver
Micah (F - 10) Item Deliverer
Mosil-Nosil (F - 9) NPC
Neivaig Roams NPC
Orenna (G - 9) NPC
Ornery Dhole (I - 10) Merchant
Pagnelle (G - 10) Quest Giver
Peladi Shalmohr (G - 10) Quest Giver
Preterig (H - 9) Standard Merchant
Rising Solstice (D - 8 Quest Giver
Safrick (H - 7) NPC
Shipilolo (G - 10) NPC
Sylvie (I - 5 Quest Giver
Tevigogo (D - 9 ) Standard Merchant
Theophylacte (K - 9) Standard Merchant
Ugtoor (J-9) Armor Augmenter
Virsaint (H - 8) NPC
Volgoi (D - 9) NPC
Westerly Breeze (I - 5 Quest Giver
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