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Port Bastok

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Port Bastok
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Ffxi gld 01.gif
Region Bastok
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "The Republic of Bastok"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

The Bastok Port provides a mix of living quarters, shops and restaurants, plus access to Jeuno via the airship. Warehouses hold the various products arriving and departing via the airships to and from distant lands. Adventurers are advised to use caution in some of the darker areas of the Port, as the Tenshodo are active here and always looking for an easy mark.

Bastok Markets: D-11

Aht Urhgan Whitegate: K-7 via Alib-Mufalib after completion of Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok)

North Gustaberg: L-6

Bastok-Jeuno Airship: H-8

Cloister of Tremors : I-8 via Ferrol with Mini Tuning Fork of Earth
Home Point #1: (J-7)
Home Point #2: (J-13)
Home Point #3: (E-6)

Involved in Quests/Missions[edit]

Quest Type Starter Location
A Discerning Eye General Grin    Port Bastok G-7
A Foreman's Best Friend Map Gudav    Port Bastok H-5
A Lady's Heart Mog House Exit Valah Molkot    Port Bastok J-12
A Test of True Love General Carmelo    Port Bastok G-7
Ayame and Kaede Job: Ninja Ensetsu    Port Bastok I-5
Beauty and the Galka General Talib    Port Bastok F-6
Bite the Dust General Yazan    Port Bastok H-6
Cid's Secret General Cid    Metalworks H-8
Eco-Warrior (Bastok) General Yazan    Port Bastok H-6
Escort for Hire (Bastok) Escort Trilok    Port Bastok D-6
Fear of Flying General Kurando    Port Bastok H-6
Forever to Hold General Qiji    Port Bastok I-7
Ghosts of the Past MNK AF1 Oggbi    Port Bastok E-6
Guest of Hauteur General Powhatan    Port Bastok E-6
Love and Ice General Carmelo    Port Bastok G-7
Lovers in the Dusk General Carmelo    Port Bastok G-7
Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok) General Alib-Mufalib    Port Bastok K-7
Out of One's Shell General Ronan    Port Bastok K-6
Out of the Depths General Ayame    Metalworks K-7
Past Perfect General Evi    Port Bastok H-6
Return to the Depths General Ayame    Metalworks K-7
Shady Business General Talib    Port Bastok F-6
Silence of the Rams General Paujean    Port Bastok F-6
Stamp Hunt General Arawn    Bastok Markets J-10
The First Meeting MNK AF2 Oggbi    Port Bastok E-6
The Puppet Master SMN AF1 Carbuncle    Windurst Walls G-3
The Quadav's Curse General Corann    Port Bastok K-6
The Stars of Ifrit General Agapito    Port Bastok G-6
The Usual General Hilda    Port Bastok E-6
The Walls of Your Mind Weaponskill Oggbi    Port Bastok E-6
Till Death Do Us Part General Romilda    Port Bastok I-7
Trial by Earth Avatar Juroro    Port Bastok I-8
Trial Size Trial by Earth Avatar Ferrol    Port Bastok I-8
The Wisdom of Elders General Benita    Port Bastok J-6
Welcome to Bastok General Powhatan    Port Bastok E-6
Mission Nation Starter Location
The Call of the Wyrmking Promathia 3-1 ---    ---
The Enduring Tumult of War Promathia 5-1 ---    ---

Other Information[edit]

Fish Cap Body of Water
Cobalt Jellyfish
5 Sea
Bastore Sardine
Zafmlug Bass
Bastore Bream
Pamtam Kelp
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar
Rusty Bucket

Fishing Maps
Information Needed

NPCs Found Here[edit]

Name Location Type
Agapito (G - 6) Quest Giver
Aishah (F - 7)
Alib-Mufalib (K - 7) Quest NPC, Warp NPC
Argus (L - 7) Mission Giver
Bagnobrok (I - 6) Regional Merchant
Bartolomeo (F - 7) Quest NPC
Belka (E - 7) Regional Merchant
Benita (J - 6) Quest Giver
Blabbivix (F - 6) Merchant
Blayne (G - 6)
Bodaway (H - 8) Other
Bountibox (I - 12) Other
Brita (J - 7)
Carey (G - 7)
Carmelo (E - 6) Quest Giver
Cheh Raihah (K - 8)
Corann (K - 6) Quest Giver
Curio Vendor Moogle (K - 13) Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Merchant
Dahjal (K - 8)
Dalba (D - 7) Past Event Watcher
Dehlner (H - 5)
Denvihr (G - 7) Merchant
Dhen Tevryukoh (I - 6) Regional Merchant
Dulsie Adventurer's Assistant
Eburacon (G - 6)
Ehrhard (G - 5) Quest NPC
Ensetsu (I - 5) Quest Giver
Erich (K - 11) Traverser Stone
Ernst (K - 11) Cavernous Maw Teleport
Evelyn (J - 7) Regional Merchant
Evi (H - 6) Quest Giver
Evrain (F - 7) Quest NPC
Ferrol (I - 7) Quest Giver
Flaco (E - 6) Fame Checker
Flying Axe, I.M. (L - 6) Conquest Overseer
Bastok: National Guard
Fo Mocorho (J - 11) Weather Checker
Gallagher (I - 11) Event Item Storer
Galvin (E - 7) Merchant
Grin (G - 7) Quest Giver
Gudav (H - 5) Quest Giver
Gwinar (J - 12) Map Marker
Hilda (E - 6) Quest NPC
Ihsan (H - 6) Adventurer's Assistant
Ilita (E - 7) Linkshell Distributor
Jabbar (F - 6) Tenshodo Merchant
Johanna (G - 6)
Juroro (I - 8) Quest Giver
Kachada (J - 6) World Pass Dealer
Kaede (J - 5) Quest NPC
Kagetora (F - 6) Quest NPC
Klaus (F - 7)
Name Location Type
Kurando (H - 6) Quest Giver
Latifah (J - 8) Quest NPC
Lone Horn (G - 6)
Mathurin (F - 6)
Melloa (D - 6) Merchant
Mine Konte (D - 7) Quest NPC
Mokop-Sankop (K - 8)
Mustafa (G - 7)
Nalta (K – 8)
Nicadio (L - 7)
Nokkhi Jinjahl (K - 8) Traveling Merchant NPC
Numa (E - 7) Merchant
Oggbi (E - 6) Quest Giver
Ominous Cloud (L-8) Traveling Merchant NPC
Otto (E - 6)
Panana (D - 7) Quest NPC
Patient Wheel (F - 5) Quest NPC
Paujean (F - 6) Quest Giver
Pelinvarde (D - 7)
Powhatan (E - 6) Quest Giver
Pursuivant (J - 12)
Qiji (I - 7) Quest Giver
Rafaela (H - 6)
Raifa (D - 6) Quest Giver
Rajesh (G - 7)
Ravorara (E - 7) Quest Giver
Rex (J - 7) Map Dealer
Rin (I - 6)
Romilda (I - 7) Quest Giver
Ronan (K - 6) Quest Giver
Rosswald (J - 7) Regional Merchant
Salvador (L - 8) Chocobo Racing Associate
Sawyer (E - 6) Merchant
Silver Owl (F - 6) Tenshodo Merchant
Steel Bones (D - 8) Quest NPC
Styi Palneh (I - 7) Title Changer
Sugandhi (G - 7) Merchant
Synergy Engineer (I - 7)
Talib (F - 6) Quest Giver
Tete (I - 5) Quest NPC
Tiger Tooth (J - 7)
Tilian (F - 8) Quest NPC
Tree Talker (K - 7) Special Event Coordinator
Trilok (D - 6) Quest Giver
Valah Molkot (J - 12) Quest Giver
Valeriano (K - 8) Traveling Merchant NPC
Varden (G - 7)
Vattian (G - 6) Regional Merchant
Wurteh (J - 13) Room Renters
Yazan (H - 6) Quest Giver
Zeldaff (H - 5)
Zoby Quhyo (J - 7) Regional Merchant
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