Ominous Cloud

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Ominous Cloud
Race: Galka
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Type: Traveling Merchant
Location: :*Port Bastok (L-8)


Appears in the capital city of the nation ranked first in conquest (does not show up when there is a tie for first)

Description: His job is to make toolbags. Trade him 99 Ninja Tools and one Wijnruit to receive a toolbag. You can trade more than one set at a time, just be sure to give him one Wijnruit for each stack of 99 Ninja Tools. All Ninja Tools are able to be made into toolbags.

Ninja Tool Toolbag Result
 Hiraishin  Toolbag (Hira)
 Jinko  Toolbag (Jinko)
 Jusatsu  Toolbag (Jusa)
 Kabenro  Toolbag (Kabenro)
 Kaginawa  Toolbag (Kagi)
 Kawahori-Ogi  Toolbag (Kawa)
 Kodoku  Toolbag (Kodo)
 Makibishi  Toolbag (Maki)
 Mizu-Deppo  Toolbag (Mizu)
 Mokujin  Toolbag (Moku)
 Sairui-Ran  Toolbag (Sai)
 Sanjaku-Tenugui  Toolbag (Sanja)
 Shihei  Toolbag (Shihei)
 Shinobi-Tabi  Toolbag (Shino)
 Soshi  Toolbag (Soshi)
 Tsurara  Toolbag (Tsura)
 Uchitake  Toolbag (Uchi)
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