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Southern San d'Oria

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Southern San d'Oria
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Region San d'Oria
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "The Kingdom of San d'Oria"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

The bustling merchant district of the Kingdom of San d'Oria is home to a wide variety of shops and regional merchants. Also at home in this district is the South Auction House and the Tanners' Guild. In addition to the merchants that sell their wares here, there are a number of small alleyways with housing for the Kingdom's many residents.

Northern San d'Oria: I-7

Aht Urhgan Whitegate: L-6 via Amutiyaal after completion of Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria)

Dynamis - San d'Oria via Trail Markings: L-5

West Ronfaure: F-10

East Ronfaure: L-10

Chocobo Circuit: H-11

Home Point #1: (G-10)
Home Point #2: (J-9)
Home Point #3: (M-5)
Home Point #4: (E-8)

Involved in Quests/Missions[edit]

Quest Type Starter Location
A Chocobo Riding Game (San d'Oria) Delivery --    Southern San d'Oria I-11
A Knight's Test Job: Paladin Balasiel    Southern San d'Oria F-7
A Purchase of Arms General Helbort    Southern San d'Oria K-7
A Sentry's Peril General Glenne    Southern San d'Oria F-8
A Squire's Test General Balasiel    Southern San d'Oria F-7
A Squire's Test II General Balasiel    Southern San d'Oria F-7
A Timely Visit General Deraquien    Southern San d'Oria F-8
Atelloune's Lament General Atelloune    Southern San d'Oria L-6
Black Tiger Skins General Hanaa Punaa    Southern San d'Oria D-8
Chasing Tales General Tosuka-Porika    Windurst Waters G-8 North
Distant Loyalties General Femitte    Southern San d'Oria I-8
Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria) General Norejaie    Southern San d'Oria K-6
Exit the Gambler Map Aurege    Northern San d'Oria F-6
Flyers for Regine General Regine    Port San d'Oria J-8
Grave Concerns General Andecia    Southern San d'Oria M-7
Grimy Signposts General Maugie    Southern San d'Oria L-9
Lizard Skins General Hanaa Punaa    Southern San d'Oria D-8
Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria) General Amutiyaal    Southern San d'Oria L-6
Methods Create Madness Weapon Skill Balasiel    Southern San d'Oria F-7
Mixed Signals Fellow Ratoto    Upper Jeuno I-10
Rosel the Armorer General Rosel    Southern San d'Oria K-8
Signed in Blood General Sobane    Southern San d'Oria D-6
Sleepless Nights General Paouala    Southern San d'Oria M-8
Son and Father General Exoroche (S)    Southern San d'Oria (S) K-10
Spice Gals General Rouva    Southern San d'Oria I-8
Starting a Flame General Legata    Southern San d'Oria K-6
Tea with a Tonberry? General Sobane    Southern San d'Oria D-6
The Crimson Trial RDM AF1 Sharzalion    Southern San d'Oria K-6
The Merchant's Bidding General Parvipon    Southern San d'Oria E-8
The Seamstress General Hanaa Punaa    Southern San d'Oria D-8
The Sweetest Things General Raimbroy    Southern San d'Oria F-8
Tiger's Teeth General Taumila    Southern San d'Oria E-9
To Cure a Cough General Nenne    Southern San d'Oria F-6
Mission Nation Starter Location
The Heir to the Light San d'Oria 9-2 San d'Orian Gate Guard    San d'Oria
The Road Forks Promathia 3-3 ---    ---
Where Messengers Gather (Ulmia's Path) Promathia 5-3 Cid    Metalworks H-8
Dawn Promathia 8-4 ---   
Daughter of a Knight Wings of the Goddess Elegant Footprint    Jugner Forest (S)
That Which Curdles Blood A Shantotto Ascension --    --

NPCs Found Here[edit]

Name Location Type
Adaunel (K - 9) Adventurer's Assistant
Ailevia (I - 9) Adventurer's Assistant
Alangriche (H - 11) Chocobo Racing Associate
Alaune (G - 10) Tutorial NPC
Alivatand (D - 8) NPC Guildworker's Union Representative
A.M.A.N. Reclaimer (G - 10) NPC Records of Eminence
Amaura (G - 7) NPC
Ambrotien (K - 10)
Amutiyaal (L - 6) Warp NPC
Andecia (M - 7) NPC Quest Giver
Anxaberoute (L - 10)
Apairemant (K - 8) NPC Merchant
Aravoge, T.K. (F - 10) Conquest Overseer
San d'Oria: National Guard
Arpetion (I - 9)
Arpevion, T.K. (L - 10) Conquest Overseer
San d'Oria: National Guard
Ashene (K - 7) NPC Merchant
Atelloune (L - 6)
Aubejart (I - 7)
Authere (J - 9)
Aveline (F - 7) NPC Merchant
Balasiel (F - 7) NPC Quest Giver
Baunise (H - 9)
Benaige (F - 7) NPC Merchant
Blendare (J - 9)
Cahaurme (J - 9)
Camereine (I - 11) Chocobo Renter
Carautia (K - 8) NPC Merchant
Capucine (E - 9) Equipment Vendor
Celyddon (F - 6)
Ceraule (G - 9) Adventurer's Assistant
Chanpau (E - 7)
Cheh Raihah (I - 9)
Clainomille (G - 9)
Cletae (D - 8) NPC Merchant
Coderiant (F - 8) Adventurer's Assistant
Corua (G - 9) NPC Merchant
Daggao (K - 5)
Dahjal (H - 9)
Deraquien (F - 8) NPC Quest Giver
Emoussine (I - 11) Chocobo Renter
Endracion (F - 10) NPC Mission Giver
Ephauge (I - 7)
Esmallegue (I - 11) NPC
Exoroche (K - 7) NPC
Faulpie (E - 8) NPC Guild Master
Femitte (I - 8) NPC Quest Giver
Ferdoulemiont (I - 11) NPC Merchant
Foletta (I - 11) Adventurer's Assistant
Fulchia (M - 6)
Gizel (H - 8) NPC Past Event Watcher
Glenne (F - 8) NPC Quest Giver
Guilboire (D - 7)
Hae Jakhya (G - 9) NPC
Hanaa Punaa (D - 8) NPC Quest Giver
Hantileon (I - 11) VCS Chocobo Trainer
Name Location Type
Helbort (K - 7) NPC Quest Giver
Hinaree (B - 6)
Katharina (L - 6)
Kipopo (E - 8) NPC Recipe Giver
Kueh Igunahmori (D - 8)
Lanqueron (I - 9) Item Deliverer
Legata (K - 6) NPC Quest Giver
Leuveret (F - 8) NPC
Lotte (K - 6)
Lusiane (F - 8) NPC Merchant
Luthiaque (G - 9) NPC Map Viewer
Malecharisant (F - 10)
Maleme (J - 8) NPC Weather Checker
Maugie (L 9) NPC Quest Giver
Meuneille (I – 11) Chocobo Renter
Miogique (K - 8) NPC Merchant
Mokop-Sankop (I - 9)
Moozo-Koozo (K - 6) NPC Title Changer
Najjar (K - 6)
Nalta (I - 9)
Namonutice (K - 6) NPC Fame Checker
Nenne (F - 6) NPC Quest Giver
Nokkhi Jinjahl (J - 9) NPC Quiver Maker/ Sandy 1st Place
Norejaie (K - 6) NPC Quest Giver
Ophelia (H - 11)
Orechiniel (E - 8) NPC Recipe Giver
Ostalie (E - 9) NPC Merchant
Paouala (M - 8) NPC Quest Giver
Parvipon (E - 8) NPC Quest Giver
Paunelie (E - 8) NPC Linkshell Distributor
Phamelise (K - 9) NPC Merchant
Phillone (D - 7)
Poudoruchant (F - 8) Event Item Storer
Pourette (J - 9) NPC Merchant
Raimbroy (F - 8) NPC Quest Giver
Raminel (F – 8 / I - 9)
Rolandienne (G - 10) NPC Records of Eminence
Rosel (K - 8) NPC Quest Giver
Rouva (I - 8)
Rumoie (M - 5) Map Marker
Sharzalion (K - 6) NPC Quest Giver
Shilah (K - 6) NPC Merchant
Simmie (I - 9)
Sobane (D - 6) NPC Quest Giver
Taumila (E - 9) NPC Quest Giver
Tek Lengyon (E - 8) NPC Recipe Giver
Thadiene (K - 7) NPC Merchant
Ullasa (B - 6)
Urbiolaine (G - 10) NPC Unity Concord
Valderotaux (K - 6)
Valeriano (H - 9) Standard (Traveling) Merchant
Vaquelage (I - 9) Item Deliverer
Varchet (L - 6) NPC
Vemalpeau (M - 7)
Victoire (K - 8) Equipment Vendor
Violitte (G - 10) NPC Map Merchant
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