Return to the Depths

Start NPC Ayame - Metalworks K-7
Requirements Bastok Reputation 5
Items Needed Misareaux Garlic
Ahriman Tears
10,000 gil
Title Granted Goblin in Disguise
Repeatable No
Reward 12,000gil
Bowyer Ring
Optional: 1,000 gil
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A Question of Faith None


(You don't necessarily need to watch the CS before obtaining the garlic.)
  • You will receive the 10,000 gil back at the end of the quest.
  • Trading Magriffon the 10,000 gil will continue this specific quest even if other quests are currently active that involve giving Magriffon gil.
  • Each person who is involved in the quest must trade a tear to Tarnotik to be teleported to the BCNM zone. EACH PERSON MUST HAVE DONE OR ACTIVATED THIS QUEST IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK.
  • Tarnotik will continue to perform this service for you even after the quest is completed. One Ahriman Tears is still required for each teleport.
  • Check the Shaft Entrance for a cutscene.
  • Check it again and select the battlefield Return to the Depths.
    • As of the May 10, 2011 Version Update, the level 40 restriction on this battlefield has been removed. The Moblins' strength is unchanged.
  • Buffs wear on entry.
  • You will receive a cutscene as you enter the battlefield. Answer with the top option every time you are asked a question.
  • The Moblins Twilotak (Dark Knight) and three Moblin Clergymen (White Mage) and three Moblin Wisewomen (Red Mage) are in the back of the BCNM arena.
  • Only Twilotak has to be defeated to complete the BCNM; the other six can be killed if you wish. They do not attack with melee hits even when engaged. They only stand in the background and cast.
  • Defeat Twilotak to end the BCNM and receive a cutscene and 10,000 gil.
  • Once you complete the BCNM, when you zone out of Mine Shaft #2716 you'll be in Newton Movalpolos on a ledge, safe from the standard Moblins. If you do not have someone in your group who can Escape, talk to the NPC Sleakachiq on that ledge to receive a teleport back out to North Gustaberg, at the cost of 800 gil per person.
  • Return to Metalworks and talk with Ayame for the Bowyer Ring reward and to end the quest. You may have to talk to her twice to trigger the cutscene.

Game Description[edit]

Ayame (Cannonry, Metalworks)
You are to find the one who speaks both the common and the Moblin language, and learn more about the city of Movalpolos.
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