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Full Moon Fountain

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Full Moon Fountain
Type Battlefield
Maps No Map
Map Acquisition No map
Miscellaneous Able to use Tractor Able to use Escape
Region Sarutabaruta
Expansion Rise of the Zilart
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "Tough Battle #2"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

An ancient fountain discovered by the first Star Sibyl. Legend has it, this is where she was bestowed the gift of magic. The fountain is said to contain the vast power of the stars and moon and is home to the legendary guardian beast Fenrir.


East Sarutabaruta: Escape
Toraimarai Canal

Involved in Quests/Missions[edit]

Quest Type Starter Location
The Moonlit Path Avatar Leepe-Hoppe    Windurst Waters J-9
Waking the Beast General Carbuncle    La Theine Plateau G-6
Mission Nation Starter Location
Full Moon Fountain (Mission) Windurst Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
Doll of the Dead Windurst Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
Moon Reading Windurst Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
Fountain of Trouble A Shantotto Ascension NA    NA
Battaru Royale A Shantotto Ascension NA    NA

Battlefield Events[edit]

Entrance: Moon Spiral
Name Type Item Level Members Time
Moon Reading Mission -- 80 6 people 30 minutes
The Moonlit Path Avatar Moon Bauble 80 6 people 30 minutes
Waking the Beast Quest Eye of Flames
Eye of Frost
Eye of Gales
Eye of Storms
Eye of Tides
Eye of Tremors
80 18 people 30 minutes
Battaru Royale Mission Earth Sap Crystal
Water Sap Crystal
Ice Sap Crystal
Wind Sap Crystal
Fire Sap Crystal
Lightning Sap Crystal
Light Sap Crystal
Dark Sap Crystal
Only need 1 to activate BCNM
80 6 people 30 minutes
This article uses material from the "Full_Moon_Fountain" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.