A "Burning Circle"—one type of entrance to battlefields.

Battlefields are special isolated arenas where adventurers may fight for glory and/or powerful treasure.

The entrances to battlefields are usually small rooms, or other relatively safe areas, with a single target that may be used to access multiple battles, all of which take place in the same battlefield (just different instances). Players will be given a list of battles that they qualify to enter.

Various battles have different entry requirements, such as the possession of specific items, or the presence of at least one person in the party who needs a specific battle done there for a mission or quest. Note that in the case of mission battles, players who have not yet completed that line of missions up to that battle will be unable to enter.

Once inside a battlefield, players will receive battlefield status and have a time limit. Many battles will also impose a Level Restriction and/or remove all beneficial status effects upon entry. The battle will end when either victory conditions are met, the time limit is exceeded, all members of the party have been KO'd for several minutes, or certain conditions that trigger failure (e.g. an NPC ally is defeated).

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