Sacred Kindred Crest Notorious Monsters (SKCNM) events are a special type of arena battle in where adventurers fight a specific mob or group of mobs. These are revamped fights of previous BCNM battlefields meant to provide a challenge to players 109+. These battles provide materials used to upgrade Artifact Armor and Relic Armor to 109, as well as items that allow for the upgrade of Relic Weapons, Empyrean Weapons, and Mythic Weapons to 119. These events are accessed by trading a specific orb to the entrance of a Burning Circle. These orbs can be obtained by trading Sacred Kindred's Crests to Shami in Port Jeuno.

-Only one person needs an orb to enter the battle.
-In the event of a K.O., all TP accumulated is reset to zero within a BCNM.
-Additionally, in the event of a party wipe, the party has 3 minutes to reraise or all members get kicked out.
-All Battlefields allow for a maximum of 6 players, are uncapped, and have a maximum time limit of 30 minutes.
-Players can now select a difficulty level: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Difficult, Very Difficult
-Trusts can be called forth for these battles.

Microcosmic Orb

Difficulty Content Level
Very Easy 101
Easy 104
Normal 107
Difficult ???
Very Difficult ???

Macrocosmic Orb

Difficulty Content Level
Very Easy 103
Easy 106
Normal 109
Difficult ???
Very Difficult ???





Reforged Armor Item

Microcosmic Orb
(10 Sacred Kindred's Crest)
★Tails of Woe Horlais Peak ---
★The Worm's Turn Waughroon Shrine ---
★Steamed Sprouts Balga's Dais ---
★Factory Rejects Qu'Bia Arena ---
Macrocosmic Orb
(20 Sacred Kindred's Crest)
★Amphibian Assault Sacrificial Chamber Rem's Tale Ch.1: Head
★Jungle Boogymen Sacrificial Chamber Rem's Tale Ch.1: Head
★Kindred Spirits Throne Room Rem's Tale Ch.2: Body
★Demolition Squad Qu'Bia Arena Rem's Tale Ch.3: Hands
★Brothers D'Aurphe Qu'Bia Arena Rem's Tale Ch.3: Hands
★Legion XI Comitatensis Chamber of Oracles Rem's Tale Ch.4: Legs
★Dismemberment Brigade Horlais Peak Rem's Tale Ch.5: Feet
★Grimshell Shocktroopers Waughroon Shrine Rem's Tale Ch.5: Feet
★Divine Punishers Balga's Dais Rem's Tale Ch.5: Feet

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