Veridical Conflux 11

  Requirements:   Level 70 or higher.
  Monsters:   Tapana's Minion x20
  Boss:   Tapana x1
  Reward:   Information Needed



  Coin of Advancement
  Coin of Birth
  Coin of Decay
  Coin of Glory
  Coin of Ruin
  Devious Die


  Alruna's Gloves
  Curaga V
  Holy II
  Fire Carol II
  Moros Crossbow
  Saevus Pendant
  Chiner's Belt
  Flume Belt
  Theia's hairpin


  Beech Log
  Bone Chip
  Chestnut Log
  Coral Fragment
  Darksteel Ingot
  Demon Horn
  Dragon Heart
  Durium Ore
  Ebony Log
  Elm Log
  Gold Beastcoin
  Hi-Potion +2
  Iron Ore
  Lapis Lazuli
  Light Opal
  Mahogany Log
  Mythril Ingot
  Mythril Ore
  Orichalcum Ore
  Petrified Log
  Philosopher's Stone
  Ram Horn
  Revival Root
  Silver Ingot
  Silver Ore
  Steel Ingot
  Unicorn Horn
  Water Ore
  Wyvern Tailskin
  X-Potion +2
  X-Potion +3



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