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Windurst Waters

Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Windurst Waters
Type City
Map Acquisition N/A
Miscellaneous None
Ffxi gld 01.gif
Region Windurst
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "The Federation of Windurst"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

This massive district to the west of the Blacktea River, lies along the western edge the Federation of Windurst. Along with a variety of Shops, the Cooking Guild is located in the northern half of the zone, next to the Tavern and Hostelry. Also contained within this district are a variety of official government departments, including the Aurastery (Magic School), the Optistery (The Library of Magic), and the Rhinostery (living organism research).

Windurst Walls: L-9 North

Port Windurst: G-10 South

Windurst Woods: via Tonana: G-8 North

West Sarutabaruta: G-4 North

Home Point #1: (G-7)
Home Point #2: (K-11)

Involved in Quests/Missions[edit]

Quest Type Starter Location
A Crisis in the Making General Ranpi-Monpi    Windurst Waters D-9 North
A Feather in One's Cap General Baren-Moren    Windurst Waters H-7 South
A Pose by Any Other Name General Angelica    Windurst Waters F-10 North
A Smudge on One's Record Map Hariga-Origa    Windurst Waters F-8 North
Acting in Good Faith Spell Scroll Gantineux    Windurst Waters E-10 North
All at Sea General Paytah    Port Windurst I-7
Babban Ny Mheillea (Quest) General Khoto Rokkorah    Windurst Waters H-10 North
Blue Ribbon Blues General Kerutoto    Windurst Waters J-8 South
Chameleon Capers Fellow Luto Mewrilah    Upper Jeuno G-8
Chasing Tales General Tosuka-Porika    Windurst Waters G-8 North
Class Reunion SMN AF2 Carbuncle    Windurst Walls G-3
Crying Over Onions General Kohlo-Lakolo    Port Windurst G-5
The Dawn of Delectability General Ranpi-Monpi (S)    Windurst Waters (S) E-9 North
Early Bird Catches the Bookworm General Tosuka-Porika    Windurst Waters G-8 North
Eco-Warrior (Windurst) General Lumomo    Windurst Waters F-10 North
Food for Thought General Kerutoto    Windurst Waters J-8 South
For Want of a Pot General Naruru (A)    Abyssea - Attohwa G-10
Glyph Hanger Map Hariga-Origa    Windurst Waters F-8 North
Hat in Hand General Baren-Moren    Windurst Waters H-7 South
Healing Herbs General N. Rhinostery Door    Windurst Waters (S) J-8 South
Heaven Cent General Ropunono    Windurst Waters F-7 North
Hoist the Jelly, Roger General Maysoon    Windurst Waters E-9 North
In a Pickle General Chamama    Windurst Waters F-10 North
In a Stew General Kuoh Rhel    Windurst Woods K-12
Inspector's Gadget! General Kohlo-Lakolo    Port Windurst G-5
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie General Mashuu-Ajuu    Windurst Waters K-6 North
Lure of the Wildcat (Windurst) General Ibwam    Windurst Woods G-11
Making Headlines General Naiko-Paneiko    Windurst Waters C-11 South
Making the Grade Spell Scroll Fuepepe    Windurst Waters L-6 North
Overnight Delivery General Kenapa-Keppa    Windurst Waters J-9 South
Past Reflections Fellow Luto Mewrilah    Upper Jeuno G-8
Picture Perfect Fellow Diederik    Selbina G-10
Reap What You Sow General Mashuu-Ajuu    Windurst Waters K-6 North
Say It with Flowers General Moari-Kaaori    Windurst Waters C-9 South
Scooped! General Naiko-Paneiko    Windurst Waters C-11 South
Teacher's Pet General Moreno-Toeno    Windurst Waters L-6 North
The Moonlit Path Avatar Leepe-Hoppe    Windurst Waters J-9 South
The Promise General Kohlo-Lakolo    Port Windurst G-5
Toraimarai Turmoil General Ohbiru-Dohbiru    Windurst Waters J-9 South
Tuning In Genetal Leepe-Hoppe    Windurst Waters J-9 South
Tuning Out Genetal Leepe-Hoppe    Windurst Waters J-9 South
Waking Dreams Avatar Kerutoto    Windurst Waters J-8 South
Water Way to Go General Ohbiru-Dohbiru    Windurst Waters J-9 South
Wild Card (Quest) General Honoi-Gomoi    Windurst Waters E-7 South
Wondering Minstrel General Jatan-Paratan    Windurst Waters F-10 North
Mission Nation Starter Location
The Price of Peace Windurst 1-3 Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
Lost for Words Windurst 2-1 Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
A Testing Time Windurst 2-2 Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
The Sixth Ministry Windurst 7-1 Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
Awakening of the Gods Windurst 7-2 Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
Vain Windurst 8-1 Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
The Jester who'd be King Windurst 8-2 Windurst Gate Guard    Windurst
The Road Forks Promathia 3-3 ---    ---
Where Messengers Gather (Ulmia's Path) Promathia 5-3 Cid    Metalworks H-8

Other Information[edit]

Fish Cap Body of Water
7 Canals
Moat Carp
Gold Carp
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Leggings
Rusty Subligar
1 Gil

Fishing Maps
Information Needed

NPCs Found Here[edit]

Name Location Type
Ahyeekih North (H-10) Regional Merchant
Ajen-Myoojen North (F-4)
Akee Yonji South (K-8)
Akkeke North (K-6)
Amagusa-Chigurusa North (G-9)
Angelica North (F-10)
Anja-Enja North (F-12) Adventurer's Assistant
Aora-Uora North (G-7)
Aramu-Paramu North (F-10)
Arukoko South (D-6)
Baehu-Faehu North (G-5) Regional Merchant
Baren-Moren South (H-7)
Bondada South (H-7)
Buchi Kohmrijah North (F-10)
Bulolo North (E-8)
Caliburn North (F-7)
Chamama North (F-10)
Chomo Jinjahl North (E-8) Guild Merchant
Chomoro-Kyotoro North (K-6)
Churano-Shurano North (F-8)
Chyuk-Kochak South (C-11)
Clais North (G-10)
Cochal-Monchal North (F-8)
Dabido-Sorobido North (E-10)
Dagoza-Beruza North (F-5) Mission NPC
Damami-Karumi North (G-10)
Dienger North (F-5) Melody Minstrel
Diroku-Oroku North (K-6)
Eight of Hearts South (H-8)
Enrefort North (G-10)
Ensasa North (H-9) Standard Merchant
Five of Hearts North (K-9)
Foi-Mui North (K-6)
Fomina South (D-8) Regional Merchant
Four of Hearts North (F-7)
Fuepepe North (L-6)
Funpo-Shipo North (G-9)
Furakku-Norakku North (G-8)
Furan-Furin North (F-8) Weather Reporter
Gantineux North (E-10)
Gevirun-Gabirun South (E-5)
Gordias North (F-9)
Hakeem North (D-9) Craftsman
Hariga-Origa North (F-8)
Hilkomu-Makimu South (G-7) Standard Merchant
Hobibi North (H-8)
Honoi-Gomoi South (E-7)
Hororo North (H-8)
Jack of Hearts North (L-10) Adventurer's Assistant
Jacodaut North (D-9) Craftsman
Janta-Jonta North (E-9)
Jatan-Paratan North (F-10)
Jourille North (J-9) Regional Merchant
Kayeel-Payeel North (G-7)
Karuru North (F-8)
Kenapa-Keppa South (J-9)
Kerutoto South (J-8)
Khoto Rokkorah South (H-10)
Khuta Colaara North (H-9)
Kipo-Opo North (E-9) Head Craftsman
Kirarara North (K-6)
Kobite-Mojite North (G-9)
Kogri-Nargri North (F-10)
Koko Lihzeh North (K-6)
Koowawa North (E-9)
Kopopo North (E-8) Guild Merchant
Kotan-Moritan North (G-7)
Kuesoso North (K-7)
Kyume-Romeh North (F-10)
Lago-Charago North (F-8) Adventurer's Assistant
Leepe-Hoppe South (J-9)
Lumomo North (F-10)
Machitata North (L-11) Moghouse Renter
Name Location Type
Majiji North (K-6)
Maqu Molpih South (H-8) Regional Merchant
Mashishi South (D-10)
Mashuu-Ajuu North (K-6)
Maysoon North (E-9)
Mejina-Monjina North (F-8)
Mimomo North (L-6)
Miriri North (H-10)
Moari-Kaaori South (C-9)
Moitoto North (G-8)
Mokyokyo North (F-5) Mission NPC
Moreno-Toeno North (L-6)
Myumimi South (H-8)
Naiko-Paneiko South (C-11)
Nasoh Joli South (H-8)
Ness Rugetomal North (F-10) Standard Merchant
Nine of Hearts North (K-11)
Npopo North (G-4)
Ohbiru-Dohbiru South (J-9)
Okaka North (H-10)
Olaky-Yayulaky North (F-8) Item Depository
Orez-Ebrez South (H-7) Standard Vend.
Orn North (F-9)
Otete South (J-8) Regional Merchant
Pakesse-Myukesse North (K-6)
Paku-Nakku North (K-6)
Panaa Fom North (G-11)
Panna-Donna North (F-5) Mission NPC
Pechiru-Mashiru North (L-6)
Pia South (I-7)
Piketo-Puketo North (D-9) Guild Master
Pojimo-Rojimo North (F-8)
Porupen-Kyurupen North (H-9)
Prestapiq North (G-7) Regional Merchant
Pulykiki South (E-5)
Puroiko-Maiko, W.W. North (G-5) Conquest Overseer
Pursuivant North (J-9) Pursuivant
Qhum Knaidjn North (E-9) Guildworker's Union Rep.
Queo-Paeo South (F-8)
Rabiri-Tabiri North (E-9)
Ramasese North (J-8)
Ranpi-Monpi North (D-9)
Reh Hapli North (F-10)
Ropunono North (F-7)
Rukuku North (K-6)
Sahgi Konchumih South (I-8)
Serukoko North (F-7)
Seven of Hearts South (H-8)
Shanana North (G-11)
Shante-Fante North (F-8)
Shasha South (D-6)
Shataru-Potaru North (K-7)
Shatoto North (G-7)
Shohrun-Tuhrun South (G-7) Standard Merchant
Six of Hearts North (K-9)
Sohdede North (F-7)
Taajiji North (F-10) Standard Merchant
Turumi-Byrumi North (K-11) Chocobo Racing Associate
Tauwawa North (L-6)
Temoe-Amoe South (D-7)
Ten of Hearts North (F-5)
Tonana North (G-8) Warp NPC
Torikoko South (H-8)
Tosuka-Porika North (G-8)
Tsuran-Botaran South (H-8)
Upih Khachla North (H-9) Standard Merchant
Yohra-Ora North (G-8)
Yomotsutsu South (H-8)
Yuli Yaam North (F-10)
Yung Yaam North (F-10)
Zabirego-Hajigo North (F-10) Reputation Checker
Zelala North (L-10) Map Marker
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