Lure of the Wildcat (Windurst)

Start NPC Ibwam - Windurst Woods (G-10)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 1
Repeatable No
Reward Green Invitation Card

Ability for mercenaries to warp you to Whitegate


  • Note: It no longer matters if you have the Rock Racketeer quest active.
  • Talk to Ibwam who will give you a Green Sentinel Badge and ask you to find new recruits for a mercenary group in Aht Urhgan.
  • Check the badge to get coordinates for the people you should talk to in each area.
  • You will know you've found the right person because you get an emote message: "[ ]'s badge flashes brightly."
  • After you talk to all of the people for Windurst, return to Ibwam to receive a Green Invitation Card (key item).
  • Not all NPC's will give the dialogue, only some of them. If you don't get the dialogue from an NPC of your Wildcat Badge shining, move on to the next NPC. Once you've done each zone go back to Ibwam and he will give you the Green Invitation Card.
  • You will need to talk to:
Windurst Woods (Working in a circuit from Ibwam)
(H-10) Soni-Muni (Bomingo Round, walking the rim of the fountain)
(J-13) Etsa Rhuyuli (atop the Auction House)
(I-10) Cayu Pensharhumi (at the arch in the corridor west of Leviathan's Gate)
(I-5) Umumu (Mithra Groves, at the arch next to the dhalmels.)
(J-3) Nanaa Mihgo (Mithra Groves. North-most cluster)
Windurst Walls (Counter-clockwise)
(J-11) Yoriri (on top of the Auction House)
(K-7) Shantotto (in Shantotto's Manor)
(J-6) Moan-Maon (just west of the Consulate of Jeuno, at the pathway that leads to it)
(H-3) Chomomo (on the East side behind the House of the Hero, go on the path leading North from Gerun-Garun)
(F-5) Naih Arihmepp (wanders along the path by Yoran-Oran's Manor)
Windurst Waters (All NPCs are in North Waters) (North to South)
(G-4) Npopo (right by the gate to Sarutabaruta)
(F-8) Lago-Charago (on top of the Optistery)
(G-9) Amagusa-Chigurusa (South-east part of Huntsman's Court area, top left corner of G-9)
(F-9) Funpo-Shipo (walks along the path outside Timbre Timbers Tavern, on the north side)
(F-10) Kyume-Romeh (bottom floor of Timbre Timber Tavern)
Port Windurst (West to East)
(E-7) Kunchichi (a magic-caster inside the Orastery)
(E-7) Yaman-Hachuman (inside the Orastery, east wall)
(F-6) Choyi Totlihpa (southeast of Consulate of Bastok, entrance of the pathway tunnel)
(G-7) Three of Clubs (standing guard leading to the dock/pier with the Magic/Weapon-Armor shops)
(M-6) Yujuju (outside the Air Travel Agency)

Game Description[edit]

Ibwam (Bomingo Round, Windurst Woods)
The mercenary company "Salaheem's Sentinels" has asked you to help recruit new members.
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