The Price of Peace

Mission Name The Price of Peace
Number 1-3
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Level 13
Items Needed Key ItemFood Offering
Key ItemDrink Offering
Reward Rank 2
1,000 gil
Repeatable No
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The Heart of the Matter Lost for Words


  • NOTE: You are not eligible to skip missions by trading in crystals until you are rank 2 or higher.



  • Once in Giddeus, follow the path and at all intersections take the left-hand choice. You will eventually end up at H-7, where you will see a Yagudo NPC named Laa Mozi standing at the mouth of a cave entrance. Talk with him and he will take your Key ItemFood Offering.
  • Return back the way you came and then go straight on the intersection at (I-5).
  • Continue west across the zone along the middle path and then make another left at (F-5) after crossing the stream.
  • Continue south until you get to (G-7).
  • You will soon see Yagudo NPC Ghoo Pakya standing at the mouth of a cave entrance.
  • Talk to Ghoo Pakya and he will take your Key ItemDrink Offering.


  • Return to the roof of the Rhinostery in Windurst Waters and another cutscene will appear when you reach the top of the stairs. Afterwards, report back to the Windurst Gate Guard to complete the mission.


  • A level 10 job will get some aggro, but all of the beasts will check Easy Prey.
  • A level 13 job can complete this mission with little to no aggro.
  • A level 17 job or higher can complete the quest and farm at the same time.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Receive two bags of food offerings from the Rhinostery, and deliver one bag to each of the Yagudo who stand by the altars of offerings in Giddeus. Don't forget to report back to the Rhinostery after completing the mission.
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