His Name is Valgeir

Start NPC Rycharde - Mhaura (I-8)
Requirements Windurst Reputation ≥ 3
Title Granted Two-star Purveyor
Repeatable No
Reward Map of the Toraimarai Canal AND/OR 2000 gil and 2000 Experience/Limit points.
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Unending Chase Expertise


  • You must wait at least two (possibly three) complete game days after the previous quest is completed to obtain this quest.
    • For example: If you completed Unending Chase on Firesday, this quest would be available on Windsday after letting Earthsday and Watersday completely pass.
  • Rycharde gives you an Aragoneu pizza (key item) to deliver to Valgeir in Selbina.
    • If you decide to take the ferry, the trip is paid for by Rycharde.
  • Valgeir can be found at (I-9) inside the Shepherd's Muster.
  • Deliver the pizza and return back to tell Rycharde what Valgeir thinks about his food.
  • Reward is Map of the Toraimarai Canal and 2000 Gil and 2000 Experience/Limit points if you don't have the map; Gil and Experience/Limit points only if you do have the map.

Game Description[edit]

Rycharde (Sailors' Stay, Mhaura)
Rycharde wants you to deliver a dish to Valgeir in Selbina, and report on how he liked it.

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