Signed in Blood

Start NPC Sobane - Southern San d'Oria (D-6)
Requirements San d'Oria Reputation: 3
Items Needed Cathedral Tapestry
Ordelle Chest Key
Repeatable No
Reward Cunning Earring
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None Tea with a Tonberry?


  • Talk to Sobane, she is willing to give you a quest, but she needs to be able to trust that you'll keep your mouth shut. She wants you to retrieve a Cathedral Tapestry.
  • Obtain a Cathedral Tapestry by killing Orcish Fighters in Fort Ghelsba or the Yughott Grotto.
  • Trade the tapestry to Sobane and she'll explain the next step.
  • Travel to Selbina, where you will find that the person you are looking for is nowhere to be found. Talk to the mayor, Abelard, @ G-9 and he'll say he has "no idea" what you're talking about... but he will then mention something about a diary he found, and that some key pages are missing... perhaps his lips will loosen if you help him find them.
  • Travel to Ordelle's Caves and hunt for an Ordelle Chest Key. Once you find a key, look for a Treasure Chest and open it.
  • Return to Selbina and talk to the mayor. He'll reveal some information to you which will prove interesting to Sobane.
  • Return to Sobane to complete this quest and to receive your reward.

Game Description[edit]

Sobane (House on Pikeman's Way, Southern San d'Oria)
Sobane has heard some disturbing news from her husband, the head royal chef. She wishes to make a request concerning that tale, but first requires you to bring a "cathedral tapestry" to prove your integrity.
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