Only the Best

Start NPC Melyon - Selbina (I-9)
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation 1
Items Needed La Theine Cabbage x5 or
Millioncorn x3 or
Boyahda Moss x1
Repeatable Yes
Reward 100g-600g depending on items turned in

NOTE: Some of the information below may be outdated. The number of trades needed to increase fame appears to have been greatly reduced in a recent update. Information Needed


  • Trade Melyon any of the below to complete the quest.
Item Quantity Reward
Per Trade Per Stack
La Theine Cabbage 5 100g 240g
Millioncorn 1 3 120g 480g
Boyahda Moss 2 1 600g 7200g
  1. You can trade any size stack (of at least three) of Millioncorn to Melyon and he'll only take 3.
  2. The following macro can be used to trade the Moss while directly facing Melyon:
    /item "Boyahda Moss" <t>

    This macro will only work with Boyahda Moss because it is not possible to trade more than one item at a time via a macro.


Trading Time[edit]

It takes approximately 5 seconds per trade when using the Boyahda Moss macro and going through the NPC chat prompts as quickly as possible; mostly due to Melyon having extended pauses between chat lines. At maximum speed with all 25 stacks of moss in Inventory, this quest will take approximately 1500 seconds (25 minutes) to reach Reputation 9.

Trade Requirements[edit]

The chart below is out of date. SE has dropped the number of items needed to reach 9 Fame.

The following table gives the minimum number of trades required to achieve a given reputation level.

  • The values may be inaccurate.
  • Please update the table with the known (confirmed) minimum when testing with a single type of item.
    • If you wish to include testimony, do so on the talk page (see testimonials).
  • Do not update if multiple types of items were used or your reputation involves other quests.
  • For a full profit/loss analysis, refer to the Analysis page.
Level Millioncorn Cabbage Moss
Stacks Items Trades Stacks Items Trades Stacks Items Trades
2 12 144 48 27.1 325 65
3 24 288 96 45 540 108
4 48 576 192 ~110 ~1320 ~264 2 24 24
5 Information Needed Information Needed
6 67.3 807 269 Information Needed
7 75 900 300 Information Needed
8 96 1152 384 Information Needed
9 103 1236 412 Information Needed

Column Key:

  • Stacks: The number of stacks (12 items) required. Equals "Items" divided by 12, rounded to 1 decimal.
  • Items: The exact number of items traded.
  • Trades: The number of trades made. Equals "Items" divided by the quantity requested.
    (Cabbage=5, Millioncorn=3, Moss=1)

NOTE: Moss trades have been updated. 6/23/2016==Game Description==

Melyon (Outside the Weavers' Guild, Selbina)
Melyon will pay premium prices for any of the following: five heads of La Theine cabbage, three ears of millioncorn, one clump of Boyahda moss.
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