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Discovered by Gwynham Ironheart in 762 Crystal Era, and named for a young swimmer he found struggling for air in the waters nearby, the port is a sanctuary from the surrounding, and inhospitable, Valkurm Dunes. The natural deep-water harbor serves as a docks for fishing vessels, as well as the terminus for the regular Selbina-Mhaura Ferry route. This ferry joins the continents of Quon and Mindartia and provides an alternate to the long trek to uses the bridges of Jeuno

Despite the proximity of the cities of Bastok and San d'Oria, the architecture is reminiscent of that of Windurst, with it's raised wooden structures. To further the connection, Selbina boasts a Weaver's Guild and a Fishing Guild and even a small zoo (featuring sheep!)

Selbina's deep water harbor

Selbina's natural deep water harbor is used for fishing vessels, and the previously mentioned ferries. The left in the picture can be seen the jetty constructed for the ferry, while the single fishing boat in the middle, along with the baskets on the quayside, reveal Selbina's primary industry.

Ferry docked at the Sea Travel Agency

A different view shows one of the ferries docked at the jetty near the Sea Travel Agency. One can see how easily the harbor can accommodate even large ships, making this an excellent choice for commerce and trade.

Heating and cooking stove

Showing the influence of different cultures in the town, most of the buildings are equipped with these wood-burning stoves. Almost certainly of Bastokan origins, they are both functional and efficient, providing both heating to the buildings and allow for cooking too. This fine example was found in the home of Abelard, the town Mayor, and it certainly smelled good! (I hope it was his dinner and not his laundry!)

Selbina rooftops and overhangs

The architect involved in the design of the buildings in Selbina took the Windurstian structures a stage further by employing a flat roof design which lends itself well to drying areas for the nets and fish. It would appear, however, that his measurements were off on the lengths of the buildings since, with few exceptions, the ends of the buildings had to be shored up where they overhang the natural rock ledges!

There is an interesting story behind the naming of this port, the following is the text inscribed on a monument in nearby Valkurm Dunes:

The view may be beautiful, but the broken grass at our feet is testimony to the inhospitality of this place. The shallows repel anchoring ships, with nothing for miles but sand. Indeed, the dunes are ill-fit for any purpose save sunbathing. One day I happened upon a young swimmer struggling for air. I swam out to save her, and as a gesture of thanks she led me to a fascinating place. To a small inlet she guided me, to show me dolphins, no doubt. None were there, but I noticed the bay was a natural harbor. I was a sailor in youth, so I knew this to be an important discovery! The harbor I named "Selbina". Upon seeing her own name inscribed on my map, the girl clapped her hands in joy. -- Gwynham Ironheart, 762 Crystal Era.

This text can be viewed by adventurers in it's original, stone carved edition in a cave in nearby Valkurm Dunes, or one could ask Abelard to view his collection of pressed clays - I understand he is always looking for more, you have been warned!

Selbina Architecture

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