The Rescue

Start NPC Thunder Hawk - Selbina (G-9)
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation
Items Needed Quadav Charm
Title Granted Honorary Citizen of Selbina
Repeatable No
Reward Map of the Ranguemont Pass

Beadeaux Map


  • Head to Beadeaux (I-8).
    • Note: If you check the ???, it says "A piece of parchment has been nailed here." If you select "Yes." to the choice whether to read the parchment or not, it reads: Mrahcva dauqe htsi yekllec eht. Vada uqons naem dnuos on. Read backwards (and respaced,) it translates to: "The cell key is the quadav charm. No sound means no quadav."

Game Description[edit]

Thunder Hawk (Mayor's Residence, Selbina)
Rescue two merchants from captivity. They should be somewhere in the Quadav camp of Beadeaux.
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