Awful Eye

Awful Eye.jpg

Lowers Strength of enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from the caster.


Spell cost: 32 MP
Monster Type: Lizards
Spell Type: Magical (Water)
Blue Magic Points: 2
Stat Bonus: MND+1


Casting Time: 2.5 seconds
Recast Time: 60 seconds

Combines With...[edit]

You can use Awful Eye as part of a combo to create Clear Mind.

Pair with one of the following spells to create the Clear Mind combo.

Note: Unlike other job traits, the effect stack for each pair in this group. Each set gives the next tier of Clear Mind for an additional MP Recovered While Healing + 3 effect. A maximum of Clear Mind IV can be achieved granting a max bonus of MP Recovered While Healing +12 (and +1 to the per-tick increase). Clear Mind V is not attainable.


  • This spell is a Gaze Attack. The target must be facing you for the spell to take effect.
  • STR Down effect is initially -33 STR, but decays over time.

Skillchain/Magic Burst Info[edit]

Magic Bursts on: Reverberation, Distortion, and Darkness.

How to Obtain[edit]

Acquired From[edit]

Mob Family: Bugard
Minimum Blue Mage Level To Acquire: 37
Name Level Zone
Bugard 34-37 Lufaise Meadows
34-37 Misareaux Coast
Gigantobugard 40-43 Lufaise Meadows
40-43 Misareaux Coast
Ypotryll 80+ Abyssea - Konschtat


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