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The act of resting to regain HP and MP. Triggered by the /heal command (or other means, depending on your method of game control input), this is the primary way to recover HP and MP between battles.

Healing is also a term used synonymously to mean curing (the act of restoring HP to yourself or party members through the use of Healing Magic or other means). To avoid confusion, many players typically refer to the /heal style of healing simply as "resting"

HP and MP recovery starts after 20 seconds of continuous resting, and is restored in blocks every 10 seconds thereafter (with the amount of HP and MP recovered with each block gradually increasing). While this process is taking place, the player cannot move or perform any actions; however, this process can be interrupted by any player action or enemy action on the player. Every time HP and MP is restored to the player, 10 TP are lost (this can be avoided by meeting certain conditions for the Signet, Sanction, or Sigil status effects).

Enhancing this Effect[edit]

Various pieces of equipment will increase the amount of HP or MP restored while healing:

Additionally, the Clear Mind job trait will also enhance this effect.


There are several negative status effects that can prevent you from recovering HP or MP in this way:

  • The Disease and Plague status effects prevent a player from recovering any HP or MP while healing.
  • A character who is taking damage cannot heal and will have their healing interrupted.
    • Damage can be through Damage Over Time spells (such as Poison, Dia, or Bio), being hit by an enemy for more than 0 points of damage, or having a spell cast on them.
      • Knockback does not interrupt the healing process if the damage that usually accompanies it is mitigated.
    • Stoneskin will prevent this interruption if it absorbs all of the damage.
  • Being the target of a non-damaging spell, such as Bind, will interrupt the healing process. However, being in the Area of Effect of an analogous spell, such as Bindga, will not interrupt healing.


Healing draws a small amount of hate towards the player. This can cause monsters that your party has not built up a strong amount of enmity with (for example, monsters pulled via. a missed ranged attack) to target party members that are healing. It is therefore important that resting party members keep adequate distance from mobs to avoid pulling hate.

Additionally, any aggressive monsters will attack a detected resting player without regard for the character's level. For this reason it is important to choose a safe location to rest, even in areas where aggro would not typically be a problem due to level.

This article uses material from the "Healing" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.