Deals fire damage to enemies within area of effect. Additional effect: "Bind."


Spell cost: 36 MP
Monster Type: Beastmen
Spell Type: Magical (Fire)
Blue Magic Points: 2
Stat Bonus: STR+1


Casting Time: 2.25 seconds
Recast Time: 15 seconds

Skillchain/Magic Burst Info[edit]

Magic Bursts on: Liquefaction, Fusion, Light


  • Ignores Shadow Images.
  • Secondary Modifier - INT 20%
  • Area of Effect is centered around the target.
  • Because the Bind effect is applied after the damage is dealt, it is possible to overwrite any Bind effect, even its own.Verification Needed

How to Obtain[edit]

Acquired From[edit]

Mob Family: Warmachines
Minimum Blue Mage Level To Acquire: 9
Name Level Zone
Orcish Stonelauncher 8-10 Ghelsba Outpost
Orcish Wallbreacher 15-16 Ghelsba Outpost
Orcish Barricader 17-18 Ghelsba Outpost
Orcish Flamethrower 16-18 Fort Ghelsba
Orcish Panzer 20-21 Fort Ghelsba
Kegpaunch Doshgnosh (NM) 20-21 Fort Ghelsba
Orcish Firebelcher 39-42 Davoi
Orcish Stonelauncher 43-46 Misareaux Coast


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