Deals fire damage to an enemy.


Spell cost: 121 MP
Monster Type: Beastmen
Spell Type: Magical (Fire)
Blue Magic Points: 5
Stat Bonus: STR+3


Casting Time: 6.5 seconds
Recast Time: 42.75 seconds

Combines With...[edit]

You can use Firespit as part of a combo to create Conserve MP.

Can be paired with any of the following spells to create Conserve MP combo.


  • Primarily modified by INT; Secondary Modifiers: INT 20% MND 20%.
  • Note that unlike most offensive magical Blue Magic, this spell possesses no Area of Effect.
  • Directly effected by Fire Staff/Vulcan's Staff.

Skillchain/Magic Burst Info[edit]

Magic Bursts on: Liquefaction, Fusion, and Light.

How to Obtain[edit]

You can learn this from Mamool Ja White Mages and Black Mages, Beastmasters. A good place to learn is from the Mamool Ja in the Wajaom Woodlands near Mamook or just inside Mamook.

  • You can learn it from the Assault mission Imperial Agent Rescue.
  • Can be Duo'd with a BLU/NIN 65 and a SMN 75 with Ease. Just take care to silence or Stun -ga spells
  • It seems Mamool Ja Mimickers use a different version of Firespit as a level 70 blue mage with 265 blue magic skill wasn't able to learn it in about 5 attempts. Needs confirmation. Further confirmation on 15 kills before realizing the NIN and BLU mamool were wrong mobs 1/2/13.
  • Can anyone test if Mamool Ja Stabler will give spell, so far 0/8.

Acquired From[edit]

Mob Family: Mamool Ja
Minimum Blue Mage Level To Acquire: 59 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 62 without Magus Jubbah
Name Level Zone
Mamool Ja Savant 73-75 Wajaom Woodlands (Near Mamook zone.)
Mamool Ja Sophist 73-75 Wajaom Woodlands (Near Mamook zone.)
Mamool Ja Bounder 73-75 Wajaom Woodlands (Near Mamook zone.)
Mamool Ja Philosopher 81-83 Mamook Bhaflau Thickets
Mamool Ja Blusterer 81-83 Mamook Bhaflau Thickets


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