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Cone Attack

Cone Attack

Some monster abilities will hit multiple characters, so long as they are in front of the mob. "In front" generally means the 45° arc in the direction the mob is facing, although this can vary, along with the length of the cone, depending on the monster and ability being used. If the ability does damage, the targets will take less damage the further they are from the middle of the cone.

Some of these abilities fall into categories frequently called "Breath" or "Gaze" by NA players. Gaze attacks are denoted below with a *, and can be avoided by turning one's back on the monster before it uses the ability.

See also, Area of Effect, for more information about cone attacks and other AoE types.

Monster Abilities that are Cone Attacks[edit]

Species Ability Effect
Antica Magnetite Cloud Weight and Earth damage
Birds Wing Cutter Wind damage
Bugard Awful Eye Strength Down
Bugard Heavy Bellow Stun
Crawler Poison Breath Poison and Water damage.
Crawler Sticky Thread Slow
Demons Hecatomb Wave Blind and Wind damage
Tauri Mortal Ray * Doom
Lizards Baleful Gaze * Petrification
Cockatrice Baleful Gaze * Petrification
Eruca Incinerate Fire damage
Hound Poison Breath Poison
Scorpion Cold Breath Ice damage and Bind
Scorpion Numbing Breath Damage and Paralyze
Sea Monk Ink Jet Blind

Note that this list is by no means exhaustive.

Blue Magic that falls under the category Cone Attacks[edit]

Species Level to use Spell Name Element Effect
Tigers 20 Claw Cyclone Physical
Hounds 22 Poison Breath Water Poison
Antica 46 Magnetite Cloud Earth Weight
Bugard 46 Awful Eye Water Strength Down
Hippogryphs 48 Jettatura Dark Terror
Diremites 52 Filamented Hold Earth Slow
Demons 54 Hecatomb Wave Wind Blind
Morbols 61 Bad Breath Earth Multiple including Slow, Poison, Silence, Paralyze, Weight, Bind and Blind.
Qiqirn 66 Sandspray Dark Blind
Raptors 66 Frost Breath Ice Paralyze
Manticores 71 Heat Breath Fire
This article uses material from the "Cone_Attack" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.