Gobbie Mystery Box

Players can accrue Daily Tally points that may be exchanged for random awards via the Goblins below.

Location Name
Southern San d'Oria (L-7) Mystrix
Port San d'Oria (I-10) Habitox
Bastok Mines (K-9) Bountibox
Bastok Markets (I-7) Specilox
Windurst Walls (C-14) Arbitrix
Windurst Woods (G-7) Funtrox
Upper Jeuno (I-10) Priztrix
Lower Jeuno (I-6) Sweepstox
Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-11) Wondrix
Western Adoulin (H-10) Rewardox
Eastern Adoulin (G-10) Winrix

Once you have spoken to one of the Goblins above, 10 points are added to your Daily Tally every Earth day at 12:00am (JST).

(Note: Characters less than 45 Earth days old cannot participate)


You will be able to select from five different point amounts that you would like to expend at once, and the reward will vary depending on the dial chosen. Dials 1-5 all cost 10 points, and there is a special dial that costs 50 points. The special dial may be selected once per day (Earth time) and resets at Japanese Midnight.

Note that all the below lists will likely never reach 100% completion.

Possible items:

Dial 1 (Materials)
Arrowwood Log
Beetle Jaw
Bone Chip
Chestnut Log
Copper Ore
Cotton Thread
Darksteel Ore
Dhalmel Hide
Dogwood Log
Flint Stone
Giant Femur
Giant Stinger
Gigas Socks
Goblin Helm
Grass Thread
Iron Ore
Karakul Skin
Linen Thread
Mythril Ore
Orichalcum Ore
Qiqirn Sandbag
Rabbit Hide
Red Grass Thread
Silver Ore
Slime Oil
Tin Ore
Tonberry Coat
Zinc Ore
Dial 2 (Food)
Apple au Lait
Baked Apple
Buffalo Jerky
Dhalmel Pie
Dried Date
Flint Caviar
Goblin Stir-Fry
Ham and Cheese Crepe
Meat Jerky
Melon Pie
Orange Juice
Pamama au Lait
Pebble Soup
Puk Egg
Pumpkin Pie
Roast Carp
Roast Mushroom
Salmon Sub Sandwich
Vampire Juice
Dial 3 (Medicine)
Elixir Vitae
Ether +1
Ether +2
Ether +3
Hi-Ether +2
Hi-Potion +1
Potion +1
Potion +3
Poison Potion
Super Ether +1
Dial 4 (Sundries 1)
Acid Bolt Quiver
Beetle Quiver
Blind Bolt Quiver
Bloody Bolt Quiver
Bone Quiver
Bronze Bolt Quiver
Bronze Bullet Pouch
Bullet Pouch
Demon Quiver
Earth Card Case
Fire Card Case
Fusion Bolt Quiver
Holy Bolt Quiver
Horn Quiver
Iron Bullet Pouch
Iron Quiver
Kabura Quiver
Mythril Bolt Quiver
Silver Bullet Pouch
Silver Quiver
Sleep Bolt Quiver
Sleep Quiver
Stone Quiver
Thunder Card Case
Toolbag (Kawa)
Toolbag (Maki)
Toolbag (Mizu)
Toolbag (Tsura)
Toolbag (Uchi)
Venom Bolt Quiver
Water Card Case
Wind Card Case
Dial 5 (Sundries 2)
Various Fish
Fly Lure
Fishing Rods
Bamboo Fishing Rod
Willow Fishing Rod
Yew Fishing Rod
Hobgoblin Bread
Little Worm Belt
Living Key
Lugworm Belt
Thief's Tools

Special Dial[edit]

In general, it appears that just about everything that does not have an upgrade path in the Magian Trials is a potential drop. It is extremely unlikely that Relic, Mythic, Empyrean, or Ergon weapons are potential drops due to them being deliberate time-sinks. Same for 10,000 piece Dynamis currency, Cat's Eye, Balrahn's Eyepatch, etc.

  • Cat's Eye is possible. Has been reported to have been received from Special Dial.

Because there are tens of thousands of items in the game, this list will never be 100% complete.

Special Dial: Furniture
Autumn's End
Beech Strongbox
Blue Hobby Bo
Blue Mariner's Bed
Blue Viola Pot
Blue 9-Drawer Almirah
Cleaning Tool Set
Crystal Rose
Display Blades
Earth Lamp
Ecru Desk
Feasting Table
Harp Stool
Mythril Bell
Red Mariner's Bed
River Aquarium
Spinning Wheel
Stone Hearth
Supply Stand
Supply Table
Tarutaru Desk
Tarutaru Folding Screen
Tea Set
Yellow 6-Drawer Almirah
Yellow 9-Drawer Almirah
Yellow Tarutaru Desk
Water Lamp
Special Dial: Scrolls
Scroll of Army's Paeon VI
Scroll of Banish III
Scroll of Blindna
Scroll of Doton: Ni
Scroll of Enaero II
Scroll of Enblizzard II
Scroll of Holy
Scroll of Ice Spikes
Scroll of Ice Threnody
Scroll of Indi-Wilt
Scroll of Meteor
Scroll of Quick Etude
Scroll of Recall-Pashh
Scroll of Refresh
Scroll of Reprisal
Scroll of Sheepfoe Mambo
Scroll of Sneak
Scroll of Stone III
Scroll of Teleport-Altep
Scroll of Teleport-Holla
Special Dial: Artifact / Relic / Empyrean / Mythic / Salvage Gear
Artifact Armor +1 Materials
Salvage Upgrade Component Armors
Attestation of Sacrifice
Attestation of Vigor
Attestation of Legerity
Mystic Fragment
Bloodbath Axe
Empyrean +1 Seals
Empyrean +2 Jewels/Stones/Cards/Stones
Helm of Briareus
Relic Armor -1
Relic Bow
Demoniac Fragment
Special Dial: Misc
Angel Skin
Antican Tag
Antlion Quiver
Ardent Jadeite
Aptant of Durus
Aquarian Abjuration: Head
Aquarius Subligar
Bast Parchment
Beetle Blood
Behemoth Leather
Behemoth Leather Missive
Bhurborlor's Vambrace
Black Pepper
Black Tiger Fang
Bread Crock
Briareus's Sash
Broken Lu Shang's Rod
Carbon Dioxide
Carbuncle's Ruby
Cardian cards
Carmine Chip
Cehuetzi Ice Shard
Chapuli Wing
Chestnut Log
Coeurl Leather
Coffer Keys
Coral Crest Key
Cotton Thread
Curry Powder
Cursed Beverage
Cursed Celata
Cursed Sabatons
Cursed Subligar
Cursed Sune-Ate
Cyclone Cotton
Darksteel Bolt Heads
Darksteel Ingot
Delkfutt Key
Doll Gizmo
Special Dial: Misc
Eastern Gem
Ebony Lumber
Elm Log
Eltoro Leather
Enkidu's Cap
Ether Holly
Experimental Lamia's Armband
Feyweald Lumber
Fire Anima
Fiend Blood
Fresh Marjoram
Gargouille Stone
Giant Bird Feather
Glass Sheet
Goblin Mail
Gold Ore
Green Chocobo Dye
Gunpowder Swathe
HQ food
Holy Basil
Hume Fishing Rod
Ic Pilav
Insect Wing
Iron Chain
Karimata Arrowheads
Karugo-Narugo Clay
Lamian Claw Key
Lamian Fang Key
Lauan Log
Leafkin Shield
Lenitive Abjuration: Head
Leshonki Bulb
Light Ram Leather
Lindwurm Skin
Magical Cotton Cloth
Magicmart Flyer
Marbled Steak
Massive Armband
Special Dial: Misc
Meat Mithkabob
Meeble Claw
Moblin Mask
Muscle Belt
Mythril Bolt Quiver
Mythril Ore
Nethercant Chain
Oily Blood
Platinum Beastcoin
Platinum Silk
Ponderous Lance
Pulse Cell: Mk
Rabbit Hide
Rabbit Pie
Ra'Kaznar Visage V
Righteous Bolt Quiver
San d'Orian Horn
Savage Separates
Seal of Suzaku
Skill-increasing tomes
Smilodon Liver
Smithing Kit 10
Smooth Velvet
Snowtip Stone
Spinel Earring
Stone Quiver
Summer Fan
Tarutaru Rice
Thief's Tools
Twinkle Powder
Viridian Urushi
Vivio Crab Shell
Volunteer's Ring
Wailing Shell
Xhifhut Body
Yew Fishing Rod
Zinc Oxide
Special Dial: NM Pops
Sarameya's Hide
Third Virtue
Gem of the East
Gnole Pellets
Raw Buffalo
Gotoh Zha's Necklace
Gigiroon's Cape
Fresh Blood

Special events[edit]

Adoulin Dial Campaign[edit]

During the Adoulin Dial Campaign a special Adoulin Dial will be available from the Gobbie Mystery Box this Dial can be used once per real life day (Resetting at Japan midnight) and costs no points to use.

Adoulin Dial
Airlixir +1
Grand Velkk Coffer
High-purity Bayld
Leafdim Stone
Leafdim Stone +1
Adoulin Dial
Leaforb Stone
Leafslit Stone
Leafslit Stone +1
Leafslit Stone +2
Leaftip Stone
Lebondopt Wing
Adoulin Dial
Liij-Vok's Coffer
Pulchridopt Wing
Snowdim Stone
Snowdim Stone +1
Snoworb Stone
Snowslit Stone
Adoulin Dial
Snowtip Stone
Snowtip Stone +1
Tryl-Wuj's Coffer
Velkk Coffer
Wailing Stone
Wailing Stone +2

Pictlogica Event[edit]

During the Pictlogica event a special Pictlogica Dial will be available from the Gobbie Mystery Box this Dial can be used once per real life day (Resetting at Japan midnight) and costs no points to use.

Pictlogica Dial
Crystal Board
Dancer Board
Duelist Board
Pictlogica Dial
Empress Board
Fighter Board
Forestdweller Board
Pictlogica Dial
Guardian Board
Princess Board
Sproutling Board
Pictlogica Dial
Stoic Board
Wizardess Board

Wanted Event[edit]

During the Wanted event a special Wanted Dial will be available from the Gobbie Mystery Box this Dial can be used once per real life day (Resetting at Japan midnight) and costs no points to use.

Wanted Dial
Wanted NM Coffers

Abjuration Dial Campaign[edit]

Campaign Period: Wednesday, 11 May at 8:00 a.m. (GMT) to Tuesday, 31 May at 2:59 p.m. (GMT).
During the Abjuration Dial Campaign you will receive a Dial Key #Ab Exclusive.png once per real life day upon logging in. Trading the key to a Goblin NPC at a Gobbie Mystery Box will give you a random Abjuration or, very rarely, a Goblin-related item. This item is given if the Abjuration you were about to receive is one you already have, either in Moghouse or in Inventory.

Abjuration Dial
Goblin Pie, Hobgoblin Chocolate, Goblin Mess Tin, Goblin Weel
HNM, Sky, Einherjar
Aquarian Abjurations Dryadic Abjurations Earthen Abjurations Hadean Abjurations
Martial Abjurations Neptunal Abjurations Phantasmal Abjurations Wyrmal Abjurations
Voidwatch, Legion
Corvine Abjurations Foreboding Abjurations Lenitive Abjurations Supernal Abjurations
Transitory Abjurations
Escha - Ru'Aun
Abyssal Abjurations Arean Abjurations Bushin Abjurations Cronian Abjurations
Cyllenian Abjurations Grove Abjurations Jovian Abjurations Shinryu Abjurations
Triton Abjurations Vale Abjurations Venerian Abjurations

Trading for points[edit]

  • You can trade certain Rare items to the Goblin to add daily points to your total.
  • (item values have changed since 2014-09-09 update)
  • They accept Rare quest and Notorious Monster spawn items. They will not accept equipment, food (outside a rare few quest items e.g. Mandragora Buds), scrolls, or furniture.
  • There is a limit of 50 points earned from Rare items per day, after which the Goblin refuses to accept any items. Any overflow will be lost.
  • You get a different message depending on how many points you get. If you overflow with your trade, it will give you a message based on remaining possible points rounded down:
    • 5 = "Yer daily tally's increased a smidge."
    • 15 = "Yer daily tally's increased someamawhats."
    • 25 = "Yer daily tally's increased a Gobby-fold!"
    • 50 = "Yer daily tally's increased a ginormagantic amount!"
  • Generally, the points awarded are based on the approximate minimum level it takes to get the item.
  • Rare Items they will accept:
Items Points
Abyssea Forced Spawn Items 50
Ancient Papyrus 15
Air Tank 50
Autumnstone 50
Avatar Stones for The Wondrous Whatchamacallit 25
Bag of Seeds 25
Behemoth Leather Missive 15
Blue Pondweed 25
Bottled Pixie 15
Bronze Key 15
Bunny Fang Sack 15
Carbuncle's Ruby 25
Cardian Two, Three, and Four (of Batons, Coins, Cups, or Swords) Cards 5
Cardian Five, Six, and Seven (of Batons, Coins, Cups, or Swords) Cards 15
Cardian Eight, Nine, and Ten (of Batons, Coins, Cups, or Swords) Cards 25
Cardian Jack, Queen, King, and Ace (of Batons, Coins, Cups, or Swords) Cards 50
Castle Floor Plans 15
Cathedral Tapestry 15
Chest Key 25Verification Needed
Cleanly Snapped Rod 25
Coffer Key 50
Colorful Hair 50
Coeurl Leather Missive 15
Coral Crest Key 15
Crab Apron 15
Dangruf Chest Key 25
Damselfly Worm 15
Delkfutt Key 15Verification Needed
Demon Pen 15
Dynamis Force Spawn Items (Tomes, etc) 50
Exoray Mold 15
Fetich Arms, Fetich Head, Fetich Legs, Fetich Torso 5
Flickering Lantern 25
Florid Stone 15
Four-Leaf Mandragora Bud 50
Gem of the East 50
Gem of the North 50
Gem of the South 50
Gem of the West 50
Jar of Gnat Pellets 50
Goobbue Humus 15
Horutoto Chest Key 25
Jody's Acid 15
Judgment Key 15
Malachite 25
Mamook Tanscale Key 25
Mermaid Tail 15
Mithra Fang Sack 15
Orcish Armor Plate 15
Prelate Key 15
Punch Bug 15
Quadav Backscale 15
Quadav Charm 15
Quadav Stew 50
Ram Leather Missive 15
Red Cryptex 15
Rusty Key 15
Seven-Knot Quipu 15
Smoky Flask 50
Snobby Letter 15
Springstone 50
Summerstone 50
Sylvan Stone 15
Testimony 50
Three-Leaf Mandragora Bud 15
Tiger Leather Missive 15
Timeworn Talisman 15
Tonberry Board 15
Torn Epistle 5
Uggalepih Key 15
Uggalepih Whistle 25
Unlit Lantern 15
Whine Cellar Key 15
Wild Rabbit Tail 15
Winterstone 50
Yagudo Caulk 15
Yagudo Glue 15
Yuhtunga Sulfur 15

Take a peek[edit]

You can ask the Goblin to take a peek at possible rewards and he will tell you 3 items you have a chance of getting. Food, medicine and synthesis materials normally are the first two listed, and a Scroll or NM pop item as the third.

What you are told depends primarily on the game day, (see Talk page for details).

It is unknown at this time how exactly this relates to the actual chances of getting any particular item.

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