A Testimony describes one of the items used by the Limit Break quests as a requirement for entering the solo fight to raise your level cap from 70 to 75. Each job has a different testimony, which is typically found on high-level beastmen mobs of that job. These items can also be used to influence the freelancer Maat in the past.

Warrior's Testimony
Monk's Testimony
White Mage's Testimony
Black Mage's Testimony
Red Mage's Testimony
Thief's Testimony
Paladin's Testimony
Dark Knight's Testimony
Beastmaster's Testimony
Bard's Testimony
Ranger's Testimony
Samurai's Testimony
Ninja's Testimony
Dragoon's Testimony
Summoner's Testimony
Blue Mage's Testimony
Corsair's Testimony
Puppetmaster's Testimony
Dancer's Testimony
Scholar's Testimony
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