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Category:Relic Armor +1

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Relic Armor +1, is the upgraded version of the Relic Armor obtained from Dynamis. Whereas the base Relic Armor pieces may be found in both the original Dynamis Areas as well as the Dreamworld Dynamis Areas, the -1 versions can only be obtained in the Dreamworld Dynamis areas from the Nightmare creatures. All Relic Armor +1 pieces are level 75, Rare and Exclusive.
It can be upgraded to the level 90 version Relic Armor +2 through Trial of the Magians.

Relic Armor +1[edit]

To upgrade your Relic Armor to Relic Armor +1, talk to Sagheera in Port Jeuno (J-8) near the Windurst Dock, you must be wearing some relic, and have obtained the Vial of Shrouded Sand and Prismatic Hourglass Key Items in order to get the Relic option. She will offer to repair your worn Relic Armor and make it all shiny and new. To do so, you will need to bring her your relic armor, a ragged version of your armor and a crafting item. In addition, she will charge you a fee for her services in ancient currency. This is what she will say:
I came from the Near East to peddle my wares. I heard that there are simply hordes of gullib--err, that is, I have heard of the great adventurers that roam this land, and wish to be of service to them. If you happen to know of any seasoned adventurers, I ask that you bring them to me. Be sure to tell them of my fabulous good!
Wait a moment ... You are an adventurer, are you not? I hear your sort does all kinds of things--fighting with monsters, cooking, and collecting all sorts of little knickknacks ...
Oh, I am truly sorry if I have offended you. I am from a land far to the east of here, and tales of adventurers are quite popular in my hometown.
Anyway, I have heard rumors that you adventurers wear relic armor--amazing equipment that harnesses fantastic power! Could such a thing possibly be true?
It simply cannot be! You say you possess the legendary relic armor?
They say that relic armor was specially created by the best craftsmen in Vana'diel during the Great War in order to resist the Kindred, and was available only to the very best of the elite forces!
That such powerful equipment could actually exist is unthinkable!
However, while relic armor is incredibly powerful, yours is rather worn, and perhaps even cursed!
If you hand your precious relic armor over to me, I could do all kinds of fantastic research on...
Ahem, that is, I could make it shine like new! So how about it? It's worth a try, is it not?
Here is what you must do: First, you must bring me an item that is the same as your relic armor, even if it is so ragged that it can no longer be worn.
I also require ancient currency from the main three Western nations as a fee.
Why ancient currency? Because in the Near East we find traditional gil more trustworthy than modern fluff!
I can ship your relic armor off to the guilds of the Near East, and when you see it next, it will be in mint condition!
However, I realize that you must be mentally prepared if you are to hand your treasure over to be sent across the seas. Just let me know when you are ready, and I will inform you of the items necessary for restoration.

Wait until the next Game day and then talk to her again to receive your Relic+1.

Job Item Slot Relic Armor +1 Ingredients
Relic Armor Relic Armor -1 Crafted Item Currency
Bard's Attire +1
Head  Bard's Roundlet +1  Bard's Roundlet  Bard's Roundlet -1  Gold Thread  1 Byne Bill x26
Body  Bard's Justaucorps +1  Bard's Justaucorps  Bard's Justaucorps -1  Griffon Leather  1 Byne Bill x28
Hands  Bard's Cuffs +1  Bard's Cuffs  Bard's Cuffs -1  Griffon Leather  1 Byne Bill x28
Legs  Bard's Cannions +1  Bard's Cannions  Bard's Cannions -1  Griffon Leather  1 Byne Bill x28
Feet  Bard's Slippers +1  Bard's Slippers  Bard's Slippers -1  Griffon Leather  1 Byne Bill x28
Monster Armor +1
Head  Monster Helm +1  Monster Helm  Monster Helm -1  Mammoth Tusk  T. Whiteshell x30
Body  Monster Jackcoat +1  Monster Jackcoat  Monster Jackcoat -1  Yellow Mouton  T. Whiteshell x26
Hands  Monster Gloves +1  Monster Gloves  Monster Gloves -1  Yellow Mouton  T. Whiteshell x26
Legs  Monster Trousers +1  Monster Trousers  Monster Trousers -1  Catobl. Leather  T. Whiteshell x26
Feet  Monster Gaiters +1  Monster Gaiters  Monster Gaiters -1  Catobl. Leather  T. Whiteshell x26
Black Mage
Sorcerer's Attire +1
Head  Sorcerer's Petasos +1  Sorcerer's Petasos  Sorcerer's Petasos -1  Ether Leather  T. Whiteshell x28
Body  Sorcerer's Coat +1  Sorcerer's Coat  Sorcerer's Coat -1  Ether Leather  T. Whiteshell x28
Hands  Sorcerer's Gloves +1  Sorcerer's Gloves  Sorcerer's Gloves -1  Ether Leather  T. Whiteshell x28
Legs  Sorcerer's Tonban +1  Sorcerer's Tonban  Sorcerer's Tonban -1  Ether Cotton  T. Whiteshell x28
Feet  Sorcerer's Sabots +1  Sorcerer's Sabots  Sorcerer's Sabots -1  Ether Holly  T. Whiteshell x28
Blue Mage
Mirage Attire +1
Head  Mirage Keffiyeh +1  Mirage Keffiyeh  Mirage Keffiyeh -1  Khrom. Leather  O. Bronzepiece x26
Body  Mirage Jubbah +1  Mirage Jubbah  Mirage Jubbah -1  Smooth Velvet  O. Bronzepiece x26
Hands  Mrg. Bazubands +1  Mirage Bazubands  Mrg. Bazubands -1  Khrom. Leather  O. Bronzepiece x26
Legs  Mirage Shalwar +1  Mirage Shalwar  Mirage Shalwar -1  Smooth Velvet  O. Bronzepiece x26
Feet  Mirage Charuqs +1  Mirage Charuqs  Mirage Charuqs -1  Khrom. Leather  O. Bronzepiece x26
Commodore Attire +1
Head  Comm. Tricorne +1  Comm. Tricorne  Comm. Tricorne -1  Ovinnik Leather  1 Byne Bill x30
Body  Comm. Frac +1  Commodore Frac  Comm. Frac -1  Oil-Soaked Cloth  1 Byne Bill x30
Hands  Comm. Gants +1  Commodore Gants  Comm. Gants -1  Oil-Soaked Cloth  1 Byne Bill x30
Legs  Comm. Culottes +1  Comm. Culottes  Comm. Culottes -1  Oil-Soaked Cloth  1 Byne Bill x30
Feet  Comm. Bottes +1  Comm. Bottes  Comm. Bottes -1  Marid Leather  1 Byne Bill x30
Etoile Attire +1
Head  Etoile Tiara +1  Etoile Tiara  Etoile Tiara -1  Gold Ingot  O. Bronzepiece x30
Body  Etoile Casaque +1  Etoile Casaque  Etoile Casaque -1  Cilice  O. Bronzepiece x30
Hands  Etoile Bangles +1  Etoile Bangles  Etoile Bangles -1  Gold Ingot  O. Bronzepiece x30
Legs  Etoile Tights +1  Etoile Tights  Etoile Tights -1  Smooth Velvet  O. Bronzepiece x30
Feet  Etoile Toe Shoes +1  Etoile Toe Shoes  Etoile Toe Shoes -1  Holy Leather  O. Bronzepiece x30
Dark Knight
Abyss Armor +1
Head  Abyss Burgeonet +1  Abyss Burgeonet  Abyss Burgeonet -1  Darksteel Sheet  1 Byne Bill x28
Body  Abyss Cuirass +1  Abyss Cuirass  Abyss Cuirass -1  Drk. Adm. Sheet  1 Byne Bill x20
Hands  Abyss Gauntlets +1  Abyss Gauntlets  Abyss Gauntlets -1  Darksteel Sheet  1 Byne Bill x28
Legs  Abyss Flanchard +1  Abyss Flanchard  Abyss Flanchard -1  Darksteel Sheet  1 Byne Bill x28
Feet  Abyss Sollerets +1  Abyss Sollerets  Abyss Sollerets -1  Darksteel Sheet  1 Byne Bill x28
Job Item Slot Relic Armor +1 Ingredients
Relic Armor Relic Armor -1 Crafted Item Currency
Wyrm Armor +1
Head  Wyrm Armet +1  Wyrm Armet  Wyrm Armet -1  Lm. Rm. Leather  O. Bronzepiece x30
Body  Wyrm Mail +1  Wyrm Mail  Wyrm Mail -1  Lm. Rm. Leather  O. Bronzepiece x30
Hands  W. Fgr Gauntlets +1  W. Fgr Gauntlets  W. Fgr Gauntlets -1  Ram Leather  O. Bronzepiece x30
Legs  Wyrm Brais +1  Wyrm Brais  Wyrm Brais -1  Ram Leather  O. Bronzepiece x30
Feet  Wyrm Greaves +1  Wyrm Greaves  Wyrm Greaves -1  Ram Leather  O. Bronzepiece x30
Melee Attire +1
Head  Melee Crown +1  Melee Crown  Melee Crown -1  Ovinnik Leather  1 Byne Bill x26
Body  Melee Cyclas +1  Melee Cyclas  Melee Cyclas -1  Silver Brocade  1 Byne Bill x26
Hands  Melee Gloves +1  Melee Gloves  Melee Gloves -1  Ovinnik Leather  1 Byne Bill x26
Legs  Melee Hose +1  Melee Hose  Melee Hose -1  Ovinnik Leather  1 Byne Bill x26
Feet  Melee Gaiters +1  Melee Gaiters  Melee Gaiters -1  Ovinnik Leather  1 Byne Bill x26
Koga Garb +1
Head  Koga Hatsuburi +1  Koga Hatsuburi  Koga Hatsuburi -1  Lt. Steel Sheet  1 Byne Bill x26
Body  Koga Chainmail +1  Koga Chainmail  Koga Chainmail -1  Lt. Steel Sheet  1 Byne Bill x26
Hands  Koga Tekko +1  Koga Tekko  Koga Tekko -1  Lt. Steel Sheet  1 Byne Bill x26
Legs  Koga Hakama +1  Koga Hakama  Koga Hakama -1  Lm. Bf. Leather  1 Byne Bill x20
Feet  Koga Kyahan +1  Koga Kyahan  Koga Kyahan -1  Lt. Steel Sheet  1 Byne Bill x26
Valor Armor +1
Head  Valor Coronet +1  Valor Coronet  Valor Coronet -1  Gold Ingot  O. Bronzepiece x20
Body  Valor Surcoat +1  Valor Surcoat  Valor Surcoat -1  Gold Brocade  O. Bronzepiece x20
Hands  Valor Gauntlets +1  Valor Gauntlets  Valor Gauntlets -1  Blsd. Mtl. Sheet  O. Bronzepiece x30
Legs  Valor Breeches +1  Valor Breeches  Valor Breeches -1  Blsd. Mtl. Sheet  O. Bronzepiece x30
Feet  Valor Leggings +1  Valor Leggings  Valor Leggings -1  Blsd. Mtl. Sheet  O. Bronzepiece x30
Pantin Attire +1
Head  Pantin Taj +1  Pantin Taj  Pantin Taj -1  Foulard  T. Whiteshell x26
Body  Pantin Tobe +1  Pantin Tobe  Pantin Tobe -1  Gold Brocade  T. Whiteshell x26
Hands  Pantin Dastanas +1  Pantin Dastanas  Ptn. Dastanas -1  Foulard  T. Whiteshell x26
Legs  Ptn. Churidars +1  Pantin Churidars  Ptn. Churidars -1  Foulard  T. Whiteshell x26
Feet  Ptn. Babouches +1  Pantin Babouches  Ptn. Babouches -1  Peiste Leather  T. Whiteshell x26
Scout's Attire +1
Head  Scout's Beret +1  Scout's Beret  Scout's Beret -1  Hunter's Cotton  T. Whiteshell x30
Body  Scout's Jerkin +1  Scout's Jerkin  Scout's Jerkin -1  Hunter's Cotton  T. Whiteshell x30
Hands  Scout's Bracers +1  Scout's Bracers  Scout's Bracers -1  Coeurl Leather  T. Whiteshell x30
Legs  Scout's Braccae +1  Scout's Braccae  Scout's Braccae -1  Coeurl Leather  T. Whiteshell x30
Feet  Scout's Socks +1  Scout's Socks  Scout's Socks -1  Ovinnik Leather  T. Whiteshell x26
Job Item Slot Relic Armor +1 Ingredients
Relic Armor Relic Armor -1 Crafted Item Currency
Red Mage
Duelist's Armor +1
Head  Duelist's Chapeau +1  Duelist's Chapeau  Duelist's Chapeau -1  Rainbow Velvet  O. Bronzepiece x22
Body  Duelist's Tabard +1  Duelist's Tabard  Duelist's Tabard -1  Rainbow Velvet  O. Bronzepiece x22
Hands  Duelist's Gloves +1  Duelist's Gloves  Duelist's Gloves -1  Rainbow Velvet  O. Bronzepiece x22
Legs  Duelist's Tights +1  Duelist's Tights  Duelist's Tights -1  Rainbow Velvet  O. Bronzepiece x22
Feet  Duelist's Boots +1  Duelist's Boots  Duelist's Boots -1  Ovinnik Leather  O. Bronzepiece x26
Saotome Armor +1
Head  Saotome Kabuto +1  Saotome Kabuto  Saotome Kabuto -1  Gold Sheet  1 Byne Bill x24
Body  Saotome Domaru +1  Saotome Domaru  Saotome Domaru -1  Iyo Scale  1 Byne Bill x22
Hands  Saotome Kote +1  Saotome Kote  Saotome Kote -1  Lm. Bf. Leather  1 Byne Bill x20
Legs  Saotome Haidate +1  Saotome Haidate  Saotome Haidate -1  Lm. Bf. Leather  1 Byne Bill x20
Feet  Saotome Sune-Ate +1  Saotome Sune-Ate  Saotome Sune-Ate -1  Lm. Bf. Leather  1 Byne Bill x20
Argute Attire +1
Head  Argute Mortarboard +1  Argute Mortarboard  Argute Mortarboard -1  Platinum Ingot  1 Byne Bill x28
Body  Argute Gown +1  Argute Gown  Argute Gown -1  Scarlet Linen  1 Byne Bill x28
Hands  Argute Bracers +1  Argute Bracers  Argute Bracers -1  Lynx Leather  1 Byne Bill x28
Legs  Argute Pants +1  Argute Pants  Argute Pants -1  Ether Leather  1 Byne Bill x28
Feet  Argute Loafers +1  Argute Loafers  Argute Loafers -1  Incombustible Wool  1 Byne Bill x28
Summoner's Attire +1
Head  Summoner's Horn +1  Summoner's Horn  Summoner's Horn -1  Coral Horn  T. Whiteshell x30
Body  Summoner's Doublet +1  Summoner's Doublet  Summoner's Doublet -1  Wolf Felt  T. Whiteshell x30
Hands  Summoner's Bracers +1  Summoner's Bracers  Summoner's Bracers -1  Wolf Felt  T. Whiteshell x30
Legs  Summoner's Spats +1  Summoner's Spats  Summoner's Spats -1  Wolf Felt  T. Whiteshell x30
Feet  Smn's Pigaches +1  Smn's Pigaches  Smn's Pigaches -1  Ancient Lumber  T. Whiteshell x28
Assassin's Attire +1
Head  Assassin's Bonnet +1  Assassin's Bonnet  Assassin's Bonnet -1  Sailcloth  T. Whiteshell x26
Body  Assassin's Vest +1  Assassin's Vest  Assassin's Vest -1  Sailcloth  T. Whiteshell x26
Hands  Assassin's Armlets +1  Assassin's Armlets  Assassin's Armlets -1  Sheep Chammy  T. Whiteshell x28
Legs  Assassin's Culottes +1  Assassin's Culottes  Assassin's Culotte -1  Sailcloth  T. Whiteshell x26
Feet  Assn's Poulaines +1  Assn's Poulaines  Assn's Poulaines -1  Sheep Chammy  T. Whiteshell x28
Warrior's Armor +1
Head  Warrior's Mask +1  Warrior's Mask  Warrior's Mask -1  Drk. Brz. Sheet  1 Byne Bill x28
Body  Warrior's Lorica +1  Warrior's Lorica  Warrior's Lorica -1  Drk. Brz. Sheet  1 Byne Bill x28
Hands  Warrior's Mufflers +1  Warrior's Mufflers  Warrior's Mufflers -1  Drk. Brz. Sheet  1 Byne Bill x28
Legs  Warrior's Cuisses +1  Warrior's Cuisses  Warrior's Cuisses -1  Drk. Brz. Sheet  1 Byne Bill x28
Feet  Warrior's Calligae +1  Warrior's Calligae  Warriors's Calligae -1  Drk. Brz. Sheet  1 Byne Bill x28
White Mage
Cleric's Attire +1
Head  Cleric's Cap +1  Cleric's Cap  Cleric's Cap -1  Ether Cotton  O. Bronzepiece x28
Body  Cleric's Briault +1  Cleric's Briault  Cleric's Briault -1  Holy Leather  O. Bronzepiece x28
Hands  Cleric's Mitts +1  Cleric's Mitts  Cleric's Mitts -1  Ether Leather  O. Bronzepiece x28
Legs  Cleric's Pantaloons +1  Cleric's Pantaloons  Cleric's Pantaloons -1  Rainbow Velvet  O. Bronzepiece x26
Feet  Cleric's Duckbills +1  Cleric's Duckbills  Cleric's Duckbills -1  Ether Holly  O. Bronzepiece x28

Relic Armor -1 by Zone[edit]

Job Dynamis - Valkurm Dynamis - Buburimu Dynamis - Qufim Dynamis - Tavnazia
Bard Bard's Roundlet -1 Bard's Cuffs -1 Bard's Slippers -1 Bard's Justaucorps -1
Bard's Cannions -1
Beastmaster Monster Helm -1 Monster Gloves -1 Monster Gaiters -1 Monster Jackcoat -1
Monster Trousers -1
Black Mage Sorcerer's Petasos -1 Sorcerer's Gloves -1 Sorcerer's Sabots -1 Sorcerer's Coat -1
Sorcerer's Tonban -1
Blue Mage Mirage Keffiyeh -1 Mirage Bazubands -1 Mirage Charuqs -1 Mirage Jubbah -1
Mirage Shalwar -1
Corsair Commodore Tricorne -1 Commodore Gants -1 Commodore Bottes -1 Commodore Frac -1
Commodore Culottes -1
Dancer Etoile Tiara -1 Etoile Bangles -1 Etoile Shoes -1 Etoile Casaque -1
Etoile Tights -1
Dark Knight Abyss Burgeonet -1 Abyss Gauntlets -1 Abyss Sollerets -1 Abyss Cuirass -1
Abyss Flanchard -1
Dragoon Wyrm Armet -1 Wyrm Finger Gauntlets -1 Wyrm Greaves -1 Wyrm Mail -1
Wyrm Brais -1
Monk Melee Crown -1 Melee Gloves -1 Melee Gaiters -1 Melee Cyclas -1
Melee Hose -1
Ninja Koga Hatsuburi -1 Koga Tekko -1 Koga Kyahan -1 Koga Chainmail -1
Koga Hakama -1
Job Dynamis - Valkurm Dynamis - Buburimu Dynamis - Qufim Dynamis - Tavnazia
Paladin Valor Coronet -1 Valor Gauntlets -1 Valor Leggings -1 Valor Surcoat -1
Valor Breeches -1
Puppetmaster Pantin Taj -1 Pantin Dastanas -1 Pantin Babouches -1 Pantin Tobe -1
Pantin Churidars -1
Ranger Scout's Beret -1 Scout's Bracers -1 Scout's Socks -1 Scout's Jerkin -1
Scout's Braccae -1
Red Mage Duelist's Chapeau -1 Duelist's Gloves -1 Duelist's Boots -1 Duelist's Tabard -1
Duelist's Tights -1
Samurai Saotome Kabuto -1 Saotome Kote -1 Saotome Sune-Ate -1 Saotome Domaru -1
Saotome Haidate -1
Scholar Argute Mortarboard -1 Argute Bracers -1 Argute Loafers -1 Argute Gown -1
Argute Pants -1
Summoner Summoner's Horn -1 Summoner's Bracers -1 Summoner's Pigaches -1 Summoner's Doublet -1
Summoner's Spats -1
Thief Assassin's Bonnet -1 Assassin's Armlets -1 Assassin's Poulaines -1 Assassin's Vest -1
Assassin's Culotte -1
Warrior Warrior's Mask -1 Warrior's Mufflers -1 Warrior's Calligae -1 Warrior's Lorica -1
Warrior's Cuisses -1
White Mage Cleric's Cap -1 Cleric's Mitts -1 Cleric's Duckbills -1 Cleric's Briault -1
Cleric's Pantaloons -1

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