Vial of Shrouded Sand

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Vial of Shrouded Sand
This vial contains sand that glows
with a mysterious hazy aura.
It is a mineral that comes from
Dynamis, the Shrouded Land.
Obtain level 65 and Rank 6 in your home nation. Zone in to Xarcabard to receive a cutscene. Proceed to either Windurst Walls, Southern San d'Oria, Bastok Mines, or Ru'Lude Gardens and locate the Trail Markings, near the Mog House entrance. Check them to receive another cutscene. You will then receive the key item.
  • I was able to get that Key Item just by checking Ru'Lude Gardens Trail Marking. (need confirmation) [confirmed by Aathos.Fenrir]
  • I can confirm this. Screenshot taken if any more verification needed.
This item is required to enter Dynamis. It is also required to trade with the goblin merchants Lootblox, Haggleblix, and Antiqix.
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