Manticore (MON)

Monipulator Overview[edit]

Type: Beasts
Family: Manticores
Weak against: Water Water Plantoids
Strong against: Fire Fire Wind Wind
Killer Trait: Lizard Killer
Size: Medium
Movement Speed: 150%Verification Needed

A bizarre looking creature, the manticore was early on thought to be a demonic branch of beastmen. However, further study proves them to be a naturally occurring species in Vana'diel. Most manticore vary in size, though they are all larger than adventurers. Their striking red color along with their gigantic fangs and spiked tails makes them an imposing target to go after. Armed with various breath attacks, brute strength, and even an ability to lower MP, they are well equipped for combat. Interestingly, all manticore have wings, but it seems they are incapable of flight due to their size. It is believed these wings act as cooling units, since the majority of manticore are found in desert regions such as Altepa and Teriggan.

How to Unlock:

Species Forms:

Table of Contents:
Monster SkillsTraits

Monster Skills[edit]

Level  Name TP(%)  Description
1   Tail Swing 100% Deals physical damage. Additional effect: Bind.
10   Tail Smash 100% Deals physical damage. Additional effect: Bind.
20   Riddle 100% Lowers maximum MP of enemies around caster.
30   Heat Breath 100% Deals fire damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area originating behind caster.
40   Great Sandstorm 100% Deals wind damage. Additional effect: Blindness.
50   Great Whirlwind 120% Deals wind damage. Additional effect: Choke.
60   Deadly Hold 100% Deals physical damage.

Monster Traits[edit]

Main Job Traits: Warrior

Level  Name
10  Defense Bonus
15  Resist Virus
25  Double Attack
30  Attack Bonus
35  Resist Virus II
45  Fencer
55  Resist Virus III
58  Fencer II
70  Resist Virus IV
71  Fencer III
75 (Merit)  Savagery
75 (Merit)  Aggressive Aim
78  Critical Attack Bonus
80  Shield Defense Bonus
81  Resist Virus V
84  Fencer IV
86  Defense Bonus II
86  Critical Attack Bonus II
91  Attack Bonus II
97  Fencer V

Job Abilities[edit]

Level  Name
01  Mighty Strikes
15  Berserk
25  Defender
35  Warcry
45  Aggressor
60  Retaliation
75 (Merit)  Warrior's Charge
75 (Merit)  Tomahawk
77  Restraint
87  Blood Rage

Instincts Learned[edit]

Instinct Name Effect Faculty Point Cost Level
Manticore Instinct I Fire Fire+30 Store TP+5 Breath Damage dealt +20% 6 30
Manticore Instinct II INT +8 Wind Wind +30 Magic critical hit rate +15% 8 60
Manticore Instinct III 90

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