Tukalibri (MON)

Monipulator Overview[edit]

Type: Birds
Family: Colibris
Weak against: Amorphs, Ice Ice Piercing Weapons: Dagger, Polearm, Archery, Marksmanship, Shuriken, Sharpshot Frame
Strong against: Resist Vs. Wind
Killer Trait: Aquan Killer
Size: Small
Movement Speed: 100%

This monipulator is listed as Toucalibri in Teyrnon's purchase menu and the species help bar, but it is named Tukalibri in the species selection menu and in its actual name on field and in battle.

Once found on the Quon continent, colibris have more recently been sighted only in the Near East. Their oversized, toucan-like beaks and abnormally large wings are balanced out by an equally long tail – which seems necessary for the bird to maintain its balance, given its otherwise top-heavy appearance.

Colibris, relatives of the hummingbird, are able to hover in much the same manner. This process, however, requires the bird to continuously flap its wings, thereby causing it to expend significant energy. In order to maintain such movement, the colibri needs a high-caloric diet… and what better way than to steal the food from those adventurers daring enough to engage them? Their large beak has evolved specifically with this goal in mind. Similarly, the large wings and rapid movement of the colibri have been known to disorient any attackers, resetting any built up Tactical Points.

How to Unlock:

Species Forms:

Table of Contents:
Monster SkillsTraits

Monster Skills[edit]

Level Name TP Description
50 Snatch Morsel 60 Removes the effect of one meal from an enemy.
50 Pecking Flurry 100 Delivers a fourfold attack.
50 Feather Tickle 100 Lowers the target's TP.
50 Tropic Tenor 200 Deals sonic damage to enemies around the caster. Additional effects: Knockback, lowers all attributes, TP reset.

Monster Traits[edit]

Bard Traits[edit]

Level  Name
05  Resist Silence
25  Resist Silence II
45  Resist Silence III
65  Resist Silence IV
80  Critical Defense Bonus
81  Resist Silence V
85  Fencer (No effectVerification Needed)
95  Fencer II (No effectVerification Needed)

Thief Traits[edit]

Level  Name
05  Gilfinder (No effect)
10  Evasion Bonus
15  Treasure Hunter (No effect)
20  Resist Gravity
30  Evasion Bonus II
40  Resist Gravity II
45  Treasure Hunter II (No effect)
50  Evasion Bonus III
55  Triple Attack
60  Assassin (No effect)
60  Resist Gravity III
70  Evasion Bonus IV
Level  Name
75  Resist Gravity IV
75 (Merit)  Aura Steal (No effect)
75 (Merit)  Ambush
76  Evasion Bonus V
78  Critical Attack Bonus
81  Resist Gravity V
83  Dual Wield (No effect)
84  Critical Attack Bonus II
85  Gilfinder IIVerification Needed (No effect)
87  Dual Wield II (No effect)
90  Treasure Hunter III (No effect)
98  Dual Wield III (No effect)

Spell List[edit]

Level  Song
01  Knight's Minne
03  Valor Minuet
05  Army's Paeon
07  Foe Requiem
09  Herb Pastoral
10  Light Threnody
11  Sword Madrigal
12  Dark Threnody
13  Sheepfoe Mambo
14  Earth Threnody
15  Army's Paeon II
16  Foe Lullaby
16  Water Threnody
17  Foe Requiem II
18  Wind Threnody
19  Scop's Operetta
20  Fire Threnody
21  Knight's Minne II
22  Enchanting Etude
22  Ice Threnody
23  Valor Minuet II
24  Lightning Threnody
24  Spirited Etude
25  Mage's Ballad
Level  Song
26  Learned Etude
27  Horde Lullaby
28  Quick Etude
29  Advancing March
30  Vivacious Etude
31  Hunter's Prelude
32  Dextrous Etude
33  Fowl Aubade
33  Magic Finale
34  Sinewy Etude
35  Army's Paeon III
36  Light Carol
37  Foe Requiem III
37  Raptor Mazurka
38  Earth Carol
39  Battlefield Elegy
40  Water Carol
41  Knight's Minne III
42  Wind Carol
43  Valor Minuet III
44  Fire Carol
45  Army's Paeon IV
46  Ice Carol
47  Foe Requiem IV
48  Lightning Carol
Level  Song
49  Goblin Gavotte
50  Dark Carol
51  Blade Madrigal
53  Dragonfoe Mambo
54  Gold Capriccio
55  Mage's Ballad II
56  Shining Fantasia
57  Foe Requiem V
59  Carnage Elegy
60  Victory March
61  Knight's Minne IV
62  Bewitching Etude
63  Valor Minuet IV
64  Logical Etude
65  Army's Paeon V
66  Sage Etude
67  Foe Requiem VI
68  Swift Etude
69  Puppet's Operetta
70  Vital Etude
71  Archer's Prelude
71  Goddess's Hymnus
72  Uncanny Etude
73  Chocobo Mazurka
Level  Song
73  Warding Round
74  Herculean Etude
75  Maiden's Virelai
75 (Merit)  Adventurer's Dirge
75 (Merit)  Foe Sirvente
76  Foe Requiem VII
78  Army's Paeon VI
80  Knight's Minne V
81  Earth Carol II
82  Sentinel's Scherzo
83  Foe Lullaby II
84  Water Carol II
85  Mage's Ballad III
87  Valor Minuet V
87  Wind Carol II
90  Fire Carol II
92  Horde Lullaby II
93  Ice Carol II
95  Pining Nocturne
96  Lightning Carol II
99  Light Carol II
99  Dark Carol II

Instincts Learned[edit]

Instinct Name Effect Faculty Point Cost Level
Colibri Instinct I Magic Accuracy+10 Magic Attack+5 Madrigal+2 6 30
Colibri Instinct II Information Needed 60
Colibri Instinct III Information Needed 90

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