Arundimite (MON)

Monipulator Overview[edit]

Arundimite MON.png
Type: Vermin
Family: Diremites
Weak against: Lizards
Killer Trait: Plantoid Killer
Size: Large
Movement Speed: 100%

The Arundimite is a huge eight-legged tick with a taste for two-legged prey. It closes in without a sound, pinning creatures with its long legs or trussing them up in sticky threads before settling down to feast upon their blood. Even escaping a Arundimite's clutches does not guarantee safety from harm. If the mite managed to secrete an egg into a victim, the larva that hatches will eventually take control of the unfortunate person's brain.

How to Unlock: Level 70 Diremite (MON)
Species Forms:
Diremite (MON) (Available levels 1-99)
Arundimite (MON) (Available levels 70-99)

Table of Contents:
Monster SkillsTraits

Monster Skills[edit]

Level  Name TP(%)  Description
1 Double Claw 100 Deals 150% physical damage.
10 Grapple 150 Deals 150% physical damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area from caster.
20 Filamented Hold 100 Slows enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
30 Spinning Top 120 Deals 150% physical damage to enemies around the caster.
40 Viscid Secretion 120 Slows and weighs down enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.

Monster Traits[edit]

Level  Name
10  Attack Bonus
15  Desperate Blows
20  Resist Paralyze
25  Arcana Killer
30  Attack Bonus II
40  Resist Paralyze II
45  Occult Acumen
45  Stalwart Soul
50  Attack Bonus III
58  Occult Acumen II
60  Resist Paralyze III
60  Stalwart Soul II
70  Attack Bonus IV
71  Occult Acumen III
75  Resist Paralyze IV
75 (Merit)  Desperate Blows Effect
75 (Merit)  Muted Soul
75  Stalwart Soul III
76  Attack Bonus V
84  Occult Acumen IV
85  Critical Attack Bonus
88  Tactical Parry
90  Stalwart Soul IV
91  Attack Bonus VI
95  Critical Attack Bonus II
97  Occult Acumen V
98  Tactical Parry II

Spell List[edit]

Level  Spell
05  Stone
06  Poison
10  Drain
11  Water
15  Bio
17  Aero
20  Aspir
20  Bind
23  Fire
26  Poisonga
29  Blizzard
Level  Spell
30  Sleep
31  Absorb-MND
33  Absorb-CHR
35  Thunder
35  Absorb-VIT
37  Stun
37  Absorb-AGI
39  Absorb-INT
40  Bio II
41  Absorb-DEX
Level  Spell
42  Stone II
43  Absorb-STR
45  Absorb-TP
46  Poison II
48  Water II
54  Aero II
56  Sleep II
60  Fire II
61  Absorb-ACC
62  Drain II
66  Blizzard II
Level  Spell
71  Dread Spikes
72  Thunder II
76  Stone III
78  Aspir II
80  Water III
84  Aero III
85  Endark
88  Fire III
91  Absorb-Attri
92  Blizzard III
95  Break
96  Thunder III

Instincts Learned[edit]

Instinct Name Effect Faculty Point Cost Level
Diremite Instinct I INT+5 Attack+30 Arcana Killer+1% 8 30
Diremite Instinct II Haste+4% Occult Acumen+5 Enhances effect of Drain and Aspir+10% 10 60
Diremite Instinct III ???+ ???+ ???+ 90

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