Job Ability[edit]

  • Enhances your weapon skill power with each normal attack you land.
  • Obtained: Warrior Level 77
  • Recast Time: 10:00
  • Duration: 5:00


  • Depends on effective Weapon Delay after delay reduction (like Dual Wield) and number of first attacks that land (first swings of each attack round).
  • Approximate Equation: % Boost per Round = Floor( (Round Delay - 60)/400 )
  • Enhancing gear does not need to be worn during the Weapon Skill to receive the bonus, and can make the bonus worth up to 1.5 Weapon Skills over 5 minutes with 50% Haste.
  • Upper bonus limit of 25% per WS.
  • Restraint Weapon Skill Damage bonus only increases in whole percentage points.

Macro Syntax[edit]

  • /ja "Restraint" <me>

Equipment that enhances this ability[edit]

Item Enhancement
Ravager's Mufflers +1 Increases the Restraint damage bonus by 50%.
Ravager's Mufflers +2 Doubles the Restraint damage bonus.
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