Flytrap (MON)

Monipulator Overview[edit]

These voracious plants are mainly seen in Carpenters' Landing, although a few varieties are found elsewhere. Hovering over the ground with petals extended, they attract their prey by looking like typical peaceful flora, only to close their "trap" and capture their prey inside. With attacks that can paralyze or sleep whole parties, or slow an attacker down to a crawl, these plants can pack quite a punch and should not be underestimated.

How to Unlock: Level 30 Sabotender (MON)

Species Forms:
Flytrap (MON) (Available levels 1-99)

Table of Contents:
Monster SkillsTraits

Monster Skills[edit]

Level  Name TP(%)  Description
1  Gloeosuccus 100 Slows enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from caster.
10  Palsy Pollen 80 Paralyzes an enemy.
20  Soporific 150 Puts enemies around the caster to sleep.

Monster Traits[edit]

Level  Name
10  Defense Bonus
15  Resist Virus
25  Double Attack
30  Attack Bonus

Instincts Learned[edit]

Instinct Name Effect Faculty Point Cost Level
Flytrap Instinct I Wind +20 Resist Gravity +30 Haste +1% 6 30
Flytrap Instinct II STR +3 Water +20 Light Elemental Magic "Magic Attack Bonus" +10 8 60
Flytrap Instinct III Information Needed Information Needed Information Needed 6 90

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