Job Ability[edit]

  • Steals items from an enemy while inflicting a status ailment upon it.
  • Obtained: Thief Level 77
  • Recast Time: 5:00


  • Steals items from an enemy while inflicting a status ailment upon it.
  • No longer shares a recast timer with Steal.
  • Has a different "steal pool" than Steal.
  • See below for list of currently known items.

This status ailment appears to last 90 seconds.

  • Debuff effect is pre-determined by mob, and the item stolen.
  • It is possible to despoil from either the Steal pool or the separate Despoil pool.
  • It is possible to despoil items that normally only one of which can load in the treasure pool, effectually allowing two of these items to be attainable from a single mob.

Macro Syntax[edit]

  • /ja "Despoil" <t>

List of new drops using Despoil[edit]

Mob Item Area
Aqueduct Spider Spider Web
Rainbow Thread
Phomiuna Aqueducts
Goblin Mercenary Goblin Chocolate Cape Teriggan
Shadow Lizard Lizard Egg
Lizard Skin
Lizard Tail
Abyssea - Konschtat
Yagudo Nokizaru Sole Sushi Castle Oztroja (S)
Goblin Bandit Goblin Mushpot Labyrinth of Onzozo
Goblin Alchemist Goblin Chocolate Labyrinth of Onzozo
Goblin Shepherd Goblin Bread Labyrinth of Onzozo
Bugbear Trashman Goblin Bread Newton Movalpolos
Bugbear Watchman Goblin Bread, Goblin Chocolate Newton Movalpolos
Cutlass Scorpion Scorpion Claw, Scorpion Shell Attohwa Chasm
Corse Bone Chip Attohwa Chasm
Puk Puk Egg Wajaom Woodlands
Witch Hazel Vegetable Seeds Crawlers' Nest (S)
Grauberg Hippogryph Hippogryph Feather Grauberg (S)
Yagudo Prelate Boiled Tuna Head Castle Oztroja
Yagudo Interrogator Roast Pipira Castle Oztroja
Yagudo Herald Roast Pipira Castle Oztroja
Yagudo Oracle Roast Carp Castle Oztroja
Yagudo Drummer Roast Carp Castle Oztroja
Yagudo Flagellant Roast Carp Castle Oztroja
Meat Maggot Crawler Egg Castle Oztroja
Aw'ghrah Luminion Chip The Garden of Ru'Hmet
Aw'euvhi Luminian Tissue The Garden of Ru'Hmet
Eo'aern Luminian Tissue Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
Ul'phuabo Luminian Tissue Al'Taieu
Ul'xzomit Luminian Tissue Al'Taieu
Ul'hpemde Luminian Tissue Al'Taieu
Jagil Pugil Scales Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle
Craver Bitter Memory Promyvion - Mea
Weeper Somber Memory Promyvion - Mea
Bloodsucker Bird Blood, Fiend Blood Bostaunieux Oubliette
Lamia Idolater Qutrub Bandage Arrapago Reef
Wild Karakul Sheep Tooth Caedarva Mire
Oil Slick Slime Oil Caedarva Mire
Nival Raptor Raptor Skin Uleguerand Range
Orcish Brawler Meat Jerky Batallia Downs
Groundskeeper Doll Shard Ru'Aun Gardens
Sand Lizard Lizard Tail Cape Teriggan
Beach Bunny Hare Meat Cape Teriggan
Yagudo Initiate Roast Pipira West Sarutabaruta (S)
Pachypodium Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud, Saruta Cotton Abyssea - Tahrongi
Gorger Startling Memory Promyvion - Dem
Abraxas Giant Bird Feather Lufaise Meadows
Skeleton Warrior Bone Chip Gusgen Mines
Revenant Cotton Cloth*, Silk Cloth, Wool Cloth* The Eldieme Necropolis (S)
Hell Hound Wolf Hide The Eldieme Necropolis (S)
Mourioche Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud, Saruta Cotton The Boyahda Tree
Teratotaur Demon Horn Sacrarium
Peiste Peiste Skin Grauberg (S)
Greater Quadav Hard-Boiled Egg Grauberg (S)
Aura Statue Golem Shard, Mythril Ore The Shrine of Ru'Avitau
Buffalo Buffalo Hide Uleguerand Range
Buffalo Buffalo Meat Uleguerand Range
Snoll Snoll Arm Uleguerand Range
Biddybug Ladybug Wing Jugner Forest (S)
Gigas Helmsman Wool Thread Vunkerl Inlet (S)
Gigas Deckhand Wool Cloth Vunkerl Inlet (S)
Dryptotaur Demon Horn, Demon Skull Beaucedine Glacier (S)
Nickel Quadav Herb Crawler Eggs, Hard-Boiled Egg Pashhow Marshlands (S)
Mythril Quadav Herb Crawler Eggs Pashhow Marshlands (S)
Elder Quadav Herb Crawler Eggs Pashhow Marshlands (S)
Zircon Quadav Hard-Boiled Egg Pashhow Marshlands (S)
Yagudo Sentinel Roast Carp Meriphataud Mountains (S)
Champaign Coeurl Coeurl Meat Sauromugue Champaign
Greater Quadav Hard-Boiled Egg Konschtat Highlands
Yagudo Lutenist Roast Pipira Castle Zvahl Baileys
Yagudo Prior Roast Carp Castle Zvahl Baileys
Orcish Trooper Meat Jerky Castle Zvahl Baileys
Orcish Footsoldier Dhalmel Steak Castle Zvahl Baileys
Demon Knight Demon Skull Castle Zvahl Baileys
Demon Wizard Demon Horn Castle Zvahl Baileys
Emerald Quadav Herb Crawler Eggs Castle Zvahl Baileys
Poison Leech Bird Blood Rolanberry Fields
Elder Goobbue Boyahda Moss, Tree Cuttings The Boyahda Tree
Goobbue Gardener Boyahda Moss The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
Lost Soul Bone Chip Xarcabard
Robber Crab Crab Shell Kuftal Tunnel
Giant Scorpion Scorpion Claw Ranguemont Pass
Bull Dhalmel Giant Femur Buburimu Peninsula
Caterchipillar Crawler Egg Maze of Shakhrami
Labyrinth Scorpion Scorpion Claw Maze of Shakhrami
Cutter Land Crab Meat Castle Oztroja
Orcish Farkiller Meat Jerky Monastic Cavern
Gnole Gnole Claw Batallia Downs (S)
Protoamoeban Amoeban Pseudopod Abyssea - Misareaux
Onyx Quadav Herb Crawler Eggs Grauberg (S)
Sand Sweeper Doll Shard Abyssea - Altepa
Bluffalo Buffalo Hide
Buffalo Meat
Buffalo Horn
Abyssea - Uleguerand

* with Raider's Poulaines +1 or Raider's Poulaines +2 enhancement

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