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Stormwaker Head

Controls the AI of the Automaton.

Elemental Slots

Trans Fire.gif 0 Trans Wind.gif 2 Trans Lightning.gif 0 Trans Light.gif 0
Trans Ice.gif 3 Trans Earth.gif 2 Trans Water.gif 3 Trans Dark.gif 2

Skill Rank Modifier

  • Melee +1
  • Magic +1

Spell-Casting Delay

Each category of magic has a separate recast timer, while the automaton also has a universal recast timer which determines the minimum time between any two spells being cast.



  • Remains stationary when deployed within ~15 yalms of the target, if deployed outside this range the automaton will close to melee distance.
  • Will only move if the enemy is out of casting range or when it is out of MP.
  • Magic is only used when attached to the Stormwaker or Harlequin Frame.


Spells and Enemy HP% Verification Needed

The casting AI changes based on the current targets health. Casting AI has been changed dramatically since the December 2011 update, this table may no longer be accurate.

Enemy HP% Default Casting Priority
100% - 75% SilenceSlowBlindParalyzeBio IIPoison IIElemental Magic
75% - 50% Elemental Magic by default.

Enfeebling Magic may require two maneuvers to be prioritized.

50% - Low HP Elemental Magic by default.

Enfeebling Magic may require two maneuvers to be prioritized.
DoT spells can no longer be cast.

Low HP The automaton will ignore all maneuvers and attempt to finish the enemy off. It will use the weakest nuke that will kill the enemy if unresisted.

If bio II is not available, the automaton will cast the highest DoT available: dia < bio < dia II < bio II

Spells and Maneuvers

Maneuvers increase the priority of spells of their respective element.

Maneuver Spells
Fire Addle
Ice Elemental Magic -> Paralyze
Wind Silence
Earth Slow
Water Poison II
Light Cure IVDia II
Dark BlindBio II

Curing Priority

Will only cure the master and puppet, prioritizing whoever has more hate. Cures only occur when below a certain percentage of health. See the damage gauge article for more info.

Spell List

Spells become available as Automaton Magic Skill increases.

Skill Level  Spell
01  Dia
12  Cure
15  Stone
18  Poison
21  Paralyze
24  Protect
27  Blind
30  Water
33  Bio
42  Slow
45  Aero
45  Cure II
54  Shell
57  Silence
Skill Level  Spell
60  Fire
75  Blizzard
81  Cure III
84  Protect II
90  Thunder
96  Dia II
99  Phalanx
105  Dispel
105  Stoneskin
108  Stone II
111  Bio II
114  Shell II
123  Water II
138  Aero II
Skill Level  Spell
141  Poison II
144  Protect III
147  Cure IV
147  Haste
153  Fire II
178  Blizzard II
188  Shell III
203  Thunder II
217  Protect IV
227  Stone III
236  Water III
241  Shell IV
246  Aero III
251  Fire III
Skill Level  Spell
256  Blizzard III
261  Thunder III
266  Stone IV
271  Water IV
276  Aero IV
281  Fire IV
281  Protect V
286  Blizzard IV
291  Thunder IV
337  Addle
337  Shell V

How to Obtain


This article uses material from the "Stormwaker_Head" article on FFXIclopedia and is licensed under the CC-BY-SA License.