A dark-based automaton attachment.

Stackable: 12

Note: This is an Automaton Attachment:

Automaton Effect Req. Capacity
 Removes all dark maneuvers when mp is low to replenish MP. Multiple Dark Maneuvers enhance the effect  Dark x 1
  • A Dark Maneuver must be active to use this attachment.
  • Less than 50% MP is needed to use this attachment.
  • Three minute recast time.

1 Dark Maneuver = 15% of Automaton's MP is Restored
2 Dark Maneuver = 30% of Automaton's MP is Restored
3 Dark Maneuver = 45% of Automaton's MP is Restored

Other Uses[edit]

Guild Points Value: ??? / ??? (??? items) Information Needed

Used in Quests: None

Synthesis Recipes[edit]

  • None

Used in Recipes[edit]


Desynthesis Recipe[edit]


Obtained From Desynthesis[edit]

  • None

How to Obtain[edit]

Auction House Category: Others > Automaton ( )



NM Name Level Cap Zone
Queenbug 60 East Ronfaure (S)

Additional Notes[edit]

The Economizer has appeared in previous Final Fantasy games--most notably Final Fantasy VI--as an accessory which allows all spells to be cast for 1 MP per spell, regardless of actual MP cost.

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