Silver Sea Remnants

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Zone Information
Area Name Silver Sea Remnants
Type Dungeon
Map Acquisition Automatically granted on entrance, automatically revoked upon exit.
Miscellaneous Able to use Escape Able to use Tractor
Region Ruins of Alzadaal
Expansion Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Requirements Aht Urhgan Mission 17: Guests of the Empire
Key ItemRemnants Permit
Level 65+
Restrictions Encumberment, Omerta, Obliviscence, Debilitation, and Impairment inflicted upon entry; 100-minute time limit.
Background music "Forbidden Seal"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes A cage of Silver Sea Remnants Fireflies is given to all participating mercenaries who enter. They can be used to return to the Silver Sea Remnants section of the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins.

A tower built on the floor of the silver sea for reasons unknown, the peak of the Silver Sea Remnants can be seen on the Silver Sea route to Al Zahbi and the route to Nashmau as its spire rises ominously from the surface of the sea. At the top of the ruins lies the Long-Armed Chariot, but the tower itself is home to such power that any who enter are stripped of their armor and abilities, discouraging most mercenaries from entering this tower filled with the dead crewman of The Ashu Talif.

Silver Sea Remnants.png

Alzadaal Undersea Ruins

Involved in Quests/Missions[edit]

Quest Type Starter Location
An Imperial Heist Mythic Naja Salaheem    Aht Urhgan Whitegate I-10
Duties, Tasks, and Deeds Mythic Paparoon    Nashmau G-7

Silver Sea Remnants
Map 1

First Floor[edit]

The first room before choosing a path contains a golden Armoury Crate with 10 cells that are deposited into the treasure pool upon opening. The drops are partially random and partially fixed, but will always contain at least one each of Weapon, Magic, Sub Job, Abilities and random stats and armor.

  • The only enemies on this floor are the Ashu Talif Crew, and they can drop any of the cells to unlock your abilities/stats unless specified below. They aggro job abilities, low HP at 20', and sound. They do not link with other fomors except where noted.
    • They link with Imps by sound; Imps link with Fomors by sight. Be careful when pulling from mixed groups of Fomors and Imps.

West Path

Take this path to maximize Alexandrite.
  • The first room has 1 Fomor.
  • The Two Branches at F/G-8 each hold 4 Fomors and 4 Chests per room, total of 16.
    • The Fomors always drop 3-4 cells at random.
    • The chests have various temporary medicines (no drinks) including dusty potions, reraise scrolls, elixirs, and rarely megalixirs.
  • The last big room at G-10 has 6 Fomors all in a row, they will all link (sac pulls may be necessary)
    • These Fomors are somewhat stronger than the other Fomors in the zone
      • They need to be killed to proceed.
      • They have fixed drop types. The Southernmost Monk drops 3 Magic cells, and the Northernmost Red Mage drops HP/MP.
      • Hume MNK : Weapon x3, Hand x1
      • Hume MNK : Magic x3, VIT x1
      • Hume RNG : Sub Job x3, Ranged x1
      • Mithra RDM : HP x3, MP x1
      • Mithra RDM : Body x3, Feet x1
      • Elvaan COR : Ability x3, STR x1
    • Upon killing all 6 of these Fomors, the NM Hammerblow Majanun spawns which can drop Hikazu Kabuto (very low drop rate).

East Path

  • The first room has 1 Fomor.
  • Two fomor per room after the first, each has a random chance of dropping a chest.
    • The fomor always drop 4-5 cells at random.
  • The last room has 8 fomor, stronger than those on the rest of the floor, with slightly more HP.
    • These fomor always drop 5 cells, 3 of one kind and 2 of another. You can get all of the most useful cells in this room. It is recommended to kill the Hume MNKs first to expedite the rest of the room.
      • Hume MNK : Weapon x3, STR x2
      • Hume MNK : Magic x3, Feet x2
      • Elvaan COR : Ability x3, Hand x2
      • Elvaan COR : HP x3, MND x2
      • Hume RNG : SJ x3, Head x2
      • Hume RNG : VIT x3, Ring x2
      • Mithra RDM : Ranged x3, Waist x2
      • Mithra RDM : Body x3, MP x2

Central Area

  • 16 Fomors which constantly respawn
    • They drop cells at less than 50% chance, but have very low HP (500?) and are weak.
    • All sixteen can be killed with one Whirl of Rage from a 99 Blue Mage.
    • If you enter the room, without sneak on or with HP 75% or less, all of them aggro .
    • If you enter the room, with sneak on and HP greater than 75%, all of the Fomor follow you but do not aggro.
    • The aggro boundary starts where the narrow hallway ends. The aggro boundary ends where the narrow hallway begins before the door to the teleporter, so you can drop sneak safely if you are directly next to the door.
    • If you leave the room those that are too far away will stop following while those close to you will follow.
    • If you pull one without entering the room it will not link with any other Fomors.

Silver Sea Remnants
Map 2

Second Floor[edit]

  • The SW and NE paths are similar in difficulty (easiest of the four paths).
  • After opening one of the doors (SE, NW, NE, SW) the rest of the doors become sealed and unpassable.
  • Ashu Talif Crew on this floor drop 3-4 cells each at random.
  • Heraldic Imps and Devilets on this floor drop 4 cells in pairs (six possible types: HP, sub job, ablities, weapon, magic, body).

NW -- The door to the teleport is locked and Deadpan Devilet must be killed to unlock it.

NE -- The door to the teleport is always unlocked.

SW -- The door to the teleport is always unlocked.

SE -- The door to the teleport is locked and all four Devilets must be killed to unlock it.

Take this path to maximize Alexandrite.

Silver Sea Remnants
Map 3

Third Floor[edit]

  • Where you start on this level is determined by the teleporter you took on the second floor.
  • Archaia on this floor drop 3-5 cells at random. Reinforcements from Archaic Rampart drop one cell.

North Side

  • Devilet -- must be killed in order to open the door to the central area.
    • Moves around the room eratically at extreme speed. Does not aggro or link.
    • Deaggros and returns to patrolling after 10-15% damage has been dealt to it.
    • Does not regenerate HP after running away.
    • Drops 5 cells: Body x2, Head x1, Legs x1, and Hands x1
  • Archaic Gear x8
    • Patrol the room along a set path at set movement intervals.
  • Gyroscopic Gear NM (H-7) pops after clearing all Archaic Gear.
  • Trade a Zhayolm Card to slot to pop the Don Poroggo spawns at H-7 after the Devilet is defeated.

South Side -- The door to the central area is always unlocked.

West Side -- The door to the teleport is always unlocked.

Clear this room to maximize Alexandrite, then go to the east room.

East Side -- The door to the teleport is locked and a particular Archaic Rampart must be killed to unlock it.

Take this path to maximize Alexandrite.

Silver Sea Remnants
Map 4

Fourth Floor[edit]

Archaia on this floor drop 3-5 cells at random. Reinforcements from Archaic Rampart drop one cell.

West Side -- the door to the teleporter is always open.

East Side -- the door to the teleporter is locked. The Archaic Chariot must be defeated in order to open it.

You will spawn on this side if you took the teleport in the room with Gyroscopic Gears. Continue on this path to maximize Alexandrite. Be sure to fight the Citadel Chelonian.

Silver Sea Remnants
Map 5

Fifth Floor[edit]


Area Drop Theme[edit]


Set Tier 1 (Lv.15) Tier 2 (Lv.25) Tier 3 (Lv.35)
Head Body Hands Legs Feet Head Body Hands Legs Feet Head Body Hands Legs Feet


Enemy Classification Floor Enemy Name Set Lv. Item Name
Lv. 15 100%
Lv. 35 Low Drop Rate
1st Hammerblow Majanun Usukane 35 Hikazu Kabuto
2nd Dekka Skadi 15 Njord's Ledelsens
Marduk 35 Enlil's Crackows
Powderkeg Yanadahn Usukane 15 Hoshikazu Hakama
Morrigan 35 Macha's Slops
3rd N Gyroscopic Gear Marduk 15 Anu's Gages
Skadi 35 Freya's Gloves
3rd E Gyroscopic Gears Ares 15 Enyo's Mask
35 Deimos's Cuisses
4th Citadel Chelonian Morrigan 15 Nemain's Crown
Usukane 35 Hikazu Hara-Ate
Zhayolm Card NM
100% Drop
3rd Don Poroggo Ares 15 Enyo's Breastplate
Morrigan 15 Nemain's Robe
2 drops, 100%
5th Long-Armed Chariot Ares 25 Phobos's Gauntlets
Skadi 25 Freyr's Mask
25 Freyr's Jerkin
Usukane 25 Tsukikazu Sune-Ate
Marduk 25 Ea's Brais
Morrigan 25 Bodb's Cuffs

Possible Runs[edit]

Silver Sea Remnants has five floors. Each of the first four floors have directional options which prevent the group from choosing the other options on the run. The paths which include notorious monsters include further requirements that must be met to unlock doors to proceed, while the paths with no notorious monsters have doors which are always unlocked.

  • Floor 1: You can choose west or east from the start. West leads to Hammerblow Majanun, but a locked door to the teleport. East leads to no NM, but an open door to the teleport.
  • Floor 2: You can choose from 4 directions: NW, NE, SW, and SE. NW leads to Dekka and the socket and SE leads to Powderkeg Yanadahn; both have locked doors to the teleport. NE and SW both have open doors to the teleport, but no NMs.
  • Floor 3: Teleporting from the NW or NE of floor 2 will lead to the north section of the third floor and prevent access to the south section. Teleporting from SW and SE, similarly, will lead to the south section of the third floor and prevent access to the north section. The north section of the floor has Gyroscopic Gear as well as the slot to pop Don Poroggo, but the door to the central area is locked. There are no NMs in the south area, but the door to the central area is unlocked. Both the north and south areas lead to the central area which provides access to the east and west areas. The east area has Gyroscopic Gears and a locked door to the teleport, while the west area has no NM and an open door to the teleport. You can, however, kill Gyroscopic Gears on the east side and take the teleporter on the west side, as no doors isolate the two rooms.
  • Floor 4: The east area, accessed from the east teleport of floor 3, has Citadel Chelonian, but a locked door to the teleport. The west area, accessed from the west teleport of floor 3, has no NM, but an open door to the teleport.
  • Floor 5: Long-Armed Chariot

There are 16 possible paths through Silver Sea Remnants ending at the boss which can be taken on any given run.

  • The fastest possible path (1 NM) is F1 East - F2 Southwest - F3 South, then West - F4 West - F5 (Boss).
  • The longest possible path (5-6 NMs) is F1 West - F2 Northwest - F3 North, then East - F4 East - F5 (Boss).
    • All NMs is fairly easy to complete within 100 minutes, all NMs plus the zone boss is exceedingly difficult.
    • Because of the number of mobs which must be killed to pop it, the path including Powderkeg Yanadahn (F2 Southeast - F3 South) takes approximately as long as the path including both Dekka and Gyroscopic Gear (F2 Northwest - F3 North).

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