Naja Salaheem

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[[{{SUBST:Naja Salaheem}}|   ]]
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Naja Salaheem
Gender: Female
Race: Mithra
Job: Monk
Affiliation: Al Zahbi
Occupation: Salaheem's Sentinels President
[[{{SUBST:Naja Salaheem}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:Naja Salaheem}}|   ]]
Type: Mission Giver; Quest Giver
Location: Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10); upstairs

Starts Missions:

Starts Quests:

Involved in Missions:

Involved in Quests:

Lure of the Wildcat

Trade Invitation Cards after completing Immortal Sentries for Imperial Currency:

Note that Rank 2 for San d'Orians or advancement to Mission 2-3 for Windurstians and Bastokers is required to enter the Chateau d'Oraguille. 5 of the NPCs for Lure of the Wildcat quest are there, and thus access to it is required to get the Mythril piece as a reward.

Titles Given

Assault Rank 1: Private Second Class
Assault Rank 2: Private First Class
Assault Rank 3: Superior Private
Assault Rank 5: Corporal
Assault Rank 6: Sergeant
Assault Rank 7: Sergeant Major
Assault Rank 8: Chief Sergant
Assault Rank 9: Second Lieutenant
Assault Rank 10: First Lieutenant
Assault Rank 11: Captain
Lure of the Wildcat (All Nations): Wildcat Publicist

Battle NPC

Naja in battle


Don't forget the first Mercenary rule: Doing, not asking - Naja is the leader. You are to obey in sickness and in health, through curses and petrification, to the rest of your life. Don't like it? Tough luck! - Naja Salaheem

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