Siegrune's Chamber

  Requirements:   Level 60 or higher.
   (only one boss per run)
  Hakenmann (Orobon)
  Hildesvini (Marid)
  Himinrjot (Buffalo)
  Hraesvelg (Manticore)
  Morbol Emperor (Morbol)
  Nihhus (Wivre)
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Key Item: Siegrune's feather
  Varies, up to 960 Ampoules of Therion Ichor


  Items:   Hero's Reflections
  Armoury Crate:   Dusty Potion (???%)
  Pro-Ether (???%)
  Amrita (???%)
  Dusty Scroll of Reraise (???%)
  Dusty Potion (???%)
  Dusty Wing (???%)
  Assassin's Drink (???%)
  Fanatic's Drink (???%)
  Fighter's Drink (???%)
  Armoury Crate:   Adaman Ingot (???%)
  Lacquer Tree Log (Morbol Emperor) (???%)
  Ameretat Vine x2 (Morbol Emperor) (???%)
  Angelstone x3 (???%)
  Buffalo Hide (Himinrjot) (???%)
  Buffalo Meat (Himinrjot) (???%)
  Gold Ingot (up to x4) (???%)
  Imperial Wootz Ingot (up to x2) (???%)
  Khroma Ore (???%)
  Manticore Fang (Hraesvelg) (???%)
  Manticore Hair (Hraesvelg) (???%)
  Manticore Hide (Hraesvelg) (???%)
  Marid Hair (Hildesvini) (???%)
  Marid Hide x2 (Hildesvini) (???%)
  Orichalcum Ingot (???%)
  Orobon Meat (Hakenmann) (???%)
  Platinum Ingot x2 (???%)
  Wivre Horn (Nihhus) (???%)
  Wivre Hide (Nihhus) (???%)
  Wivre Maul (Nihhus) (???%)
  Abjurations:   Phantasmal Abjuration: Hands (???%)
  Earthen Abjuration: Legs (???%)
  Neptunal Abjuration: Head (???%)
  Neptunal Abjuration: Legs (???%)
  Hadean Abjuration: Feet (???%)
  Wyrmal Abjuration: Head (???%)

Monsters Found Here[edit]

Note: Pulling or aggroing one type of mob will cause the mobs of that type in the vicinity to link based on how they link in other various parts of the game. The link range seems to be quite a bit larger than normal, requiring more distance between mobs to ensure no links. In addition, the mobs' pathing seems to be erratic, with mobs sometimes walking in various different directions than the direction of the puller. When pulled, it appears that everyone in the alliance gains hate, regardless of whether or not they have acted on the mobs. Members of other alliances will not necessarily gain hate once the first alliance dies.The linking attribute of mobs in these chambers as described above is no longer valid after the 06/09/2008 update. The same linking characteristics of the specific type of monster found outside of Einherjar will be consistent with that of the types found within.

The chamber appears to select two groups of monsters from the below list of normal monsters. The number of monsters varies with the type chosen, and are always in groups of 6 or 12.

Normal Monsters
Name Family
Bugard-X Bugards
Chigoe Chigoes
Craven Einherjar Ghosts
Dark Elemental Elementals
Djigga (Occasionally spawn from Hildesvini) Chigoes
Einherjar Eater Worms
Hazhalm Bat Giant Bats
Hazhalm Bats Bat Trios
Hyndla Hounds
Infected Wamoura Wamoura
Logi Bomb
Nickur Doomed
Rotting Huskarl (Warrior) Skeletons
Rotting Huskarl (Black Mage) Skeletons
Sjokrakjen Sea Monks
Special Monsters
Name Family
Huginn Bird
Muninn Bird
Heithrun Sheep
Saehrimnir Tiger

Huginn, Muninn, Heithrun or Saehrimnir will not be immediately seen. They will pop as you progress through the chamber's monsters. Muninn and Saehrimnir will leave behind a message stating "the chamber's stagnant aura has somewhat cleared" if defeated or left to depop respectively. These mobs also will depop after a certain time even if they are in the process of being killed.

  • Huginn will leave behind an Armoury Crate containing various consumable items upon defeat.
  • Muninn will weaken the enemies upon defeat. A message stating "the creatures lurking in the shadows have calmed" will be received.
  • Heithrun is the rarest of the four and will double the items in treasure chest after defeating boss.
  • Saehrimnir will strengthen the enemies if left to despawn. A message stating "the creatures lurking in the shadows have become restless" will be received.

Historical Background[edit]

Siegrune is the name of one of the Valkyries in Richard Wagner's opera Die Walküre.


List of Roles in Die Walküre

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