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Therion Ichor

Players will receive ampoules of Therion Ichor depending on which wing they are in during Einherjar. These can be used to purchase various valuable items from Kilusha in Nashmau.

All players will receive the same amount of Ichor, regardless of their battle record.


Kilusha located at (H-7) in Nashmau.

Obtainable Items[edit]

5,000 Ampoule Items
Nethercant Chain
Nethereye Chain
Netherfield Chain
Netherpact Chain
Netherspirit Chain
Rubber Cap
Rubber Chausses
Rubber Harness
Rubber Gloves
Rubber Soles
15,000 Ampoule Items
Animator +1

Allows the use of maneuvers
Hidden Effect: DEX +4 Automaton HP 40-60
Automaton MP 0-60
(based on frame (not head) equipped)

Lv. 71 PUP

Aslan Cape
DEF: 7 HP -20 MP +20 MND +5 CHR -5


Buccaneer's Belt
DEF: 4 STR +4
Ranged Accuracy +7
Enmity -4

Lv. 75 All Jobs

Delta Earring
DEX +2 CHR +2 Enmity -3
Lv. 75 All Jobs
Gleeman's Cape
DEF: 7 HP +20 MP -20 VIT -5 INT +5


Iota Ring
DEX +3 VIT +3 AGI +3 Accuracy +3

Lv. 75 All Jobs

Kubira Bead Necklace
DEF: 5 STR +4 DEX +4 Damage Taken +5%


Morgana's Choker
STR -2 DEX -2 MND +5 Converts 40 HP to MP

Lv. 70 All Jobs

Omega Ring
INT +3 MND +3 CHR +3 Magic Accuracy +3

Lv. 75 All Jobs

Ritter Gorget
DEF: 8 HP +25
Evasion +5 Enmity +3


100,000 Ampoule Items
Balrahn's Eyepatch

Mark of the Einherjar Items
Valkyrie's Tear
Price: 1,000 Ichor
Valkyrie's Wing
Price: 2,000 Ichor
Valkyrie's Soul
Price: 3,000 Ichor

Historical Background[edit]

Ampoules, An ampoule is a small glass vial which is hermetically sealed by melting the thin top usually with a blowtorch flame after filling, and is most commonly used as a container for hypodermic injection solutions (eg. for pharmaceuticals). An ampoule is usually designed with a score mark around the neck so that the sealed vial top may be simply snapped off cleanly by hand.

Therion, Greek for "wild animal" or "beast" (θηρίον)

Ichor, In Greek mythology, ichor (Greek: ἰχώρ) is the mineral that is the Greek gods' blood, sometimes said to have been present in Ambrosia or nectar. When a god was injured and bled, the ichor made his or her blood poisonous to mortals.

Ichor has also been used to mean the blood in a vampire's veins. Whereas many vampire stories and movies describe them as having reddish or dark red blood, others describe vampire blood as being different from human blood altogether - an ichor that is traditionally dark green in color.

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